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Ab Main Bhi…

Tumbhi’s Candid Tete-a-tete With Its Star:

Writing already for 10 long years and then experimenting with something new and then after getting recognition for the same is nothing less than awe!

Something similar happened with ‘Annie Zaidi’ when she participated in Paanch (Tumbhi’s Script Writing Contest) and a movie ‘Sujata’ came out of that script.

So, when Tumbhi asked its latest Star ‘Annie’ about her voyage from conceiving a story and then seeing it getting transformed into film, the lady was not less than overwhelmed.

Some excerpts:-

[Tumbhi] A movie from your script is already ready. How did it all start?
[Annie] I was already writing professionally for 10 long years and since 2-3 years I started experimenting with script writing. I had absolutely no idea what script writing was like, it was just a ‘story -being –embellished’ for me. But when I heard about Tumbhi’s competition, I thought to at least give it a try. And there I was, single women in 9 other males in the finalist category. A whole new experience for me. And I actually saw my words getting transformed into living beings and their characters, a film being made out of my story under the banner of Anurag Kashyap Films Pvt. Ltd.

[Tumbhi] You also attended a Workshop with Anurag Kashyap? How was the experience?
[Annie] Yes! It was a wonderful 9 hour workshop by Anurag Kashyap. The two grand takeaways which I will always cherish in my writing career are: the deadline writing and the peer review.

Usually writers do not fix any deadline for completing their piece of writing. They might take days or minutes to do the same job. But this workshop taught me how to structure my writing in a way so that I can I finish it within a given timeline. And Peer review happened to be another blissful part of the workshop. Peer group, I believe, they give you the most unbiased opinion about anything. And if that peer group is itself inclined to your favorite job on the earth, it becomes the perfect combination. Thus as a professional, which I always was, this experience of ‘script writing’ was equivalent to adding a whole new niche to my writing.

On the same hand, Anurag had a very interesting way of even reading out the scripts aloud, and that was the node that actually stroked a chord in me, and there we were, tuning in together for this beautiful movie that came out as a result being fondly called –‘Sujata’.

[Tumbhi] So Tumbhi was the starting point …??
[Annie] Absolutely! If I go back a little and try to recall what difference Tumbhi made to my life, the only thing that would come to my mind would be Exposure and Confidence.

It’s not easy to get a platform so good to showcase your charisma! In fact I feel Tumbhi stands up to each and every word of its tagline- ‘Ab tumbhi ban sakte ho star’. It actually has the potent to make anybody – of course with talent and passion – a star. In all, I feel so elevated! Therefore, Ab Main Bhi …!