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5 Awesome Ways to Become An Instant Celebrity

Art in any form attracts you, you love people with creative instincts, you try attending all the art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, you love reading good writing pieces and you yourself also compose something in the night under your table lamp?? Congratulations, you qualify all the requirements of being called an artist and an art lover!

Now that you are a proven artist you can continue reading below.

An artist suffers from many difficult phases in his journey of being an artist, being called an artist and improving as an artist. And to your rescue comes our much loved child Social Media. Social media is not only about socializing these days; it has the capacity of giving you and your art the wings to fly and fly high.

Here’s how you can use it: 1 problem, 5 solutions.

#1 Make your display counter: Begin by creating a dedicated Facebook page (page and not profile) or a blog for your artworks. Love it like your personal diary which is open for public reading. Decorate it with all your chosen artworks, may it be stories, poems or photographs. Give an enhanced peek-a-boo in your own art-gallery and make it public to let all the eyes in the world see it.(Read here: Blogging your way)

#2 Audience is your God: Identify your audience and its whereabouts. Analyze what kind of people would like your artwork or be interested in it, whether such people are more active on facebook or on blogs. Two ways to carry it forward would be:

  • Grow within your circle: First becomes a star in your own group. Invite friends to visit your facebook page or blog by filling up their inboxes with constant updates about your page/blog. Share links, status messages and other updates with them by email or direct messages.
  • Go Public: Set your blogs/page for public viewing. Visit other blogs, post your comments on their posts so that they come back to check out your profile and find your blog/page instead. Every time you update your page/blog, share a link to it on your personal facebook profile, G+ and wherever else you have an account.

#3 Remember Twitter: Twitter remains the supreme of all the social networking sites being perfect place for sharing links and making the world see it. If you don’t have twitter account yet, open it right away. (Read here: Tips for artists to use twitter) Follow, get followed and share, share, and share.

#4 Visit other houses as well: Making a page/blog and inviting guest/audiences there is all about hosting. Now learn about being a wise guest as well. There are many forums, facebook groups, communities which are dedicated to individual ideas/genres. Join them now! Start posting, sharing, liking there. There will be many people out there who will be just like you and they would treat you the same way. Eventually, you will get connected to so many Likeminded friends.

#5 You v/s him: Now that you are an artist-star by every means, show some mettle elsewhere also. Search for various talent contests that go online. This doesn’t takes much on your time and effort and instead winning it or even getting shortlisted in it, adds big time to your credibility. If there is an evidence of award say a gift or a certificate, share that as well on your page/blog and express your gratitude. (Read here: Warnings before entering an online contest).

As an artist it’s very important to understand the people, the art is exposed to. Reciting a poetry in the middle of hippies would never earn you more than a laugh. Therefore connect right and connect well!!

Happy creating, sharing and applauding!!

5 Tips for Artists to Use Twitter

Amitabh Bachhan is on it. Priyanka Chopra is there. Even A R Rahman is on Twitter. Reason? Quick and easy connection with fans and followers. Being in touch with them. Making the fans part of their life!

Here we share 5 ways artists can use Twitter for self branding, for getting noticed and for getting steady fan following:

#1 Get Twitter Handle and Setup Keyword Rich Bio:
The first and foremost step is to get yourself a Twitter Handle. We recommend choosing a handle which has your name in it. Which depicts your personality. Something like “TheOneStar” is not useful as your Twitter handle 🙂 The next step is to write a powerful bio of yourself. Mention keywords which showcase your skills, talent, passion and personality. Keywords in bio are used by Twitter in search so ensure that you make it keyword rich. This will help you in ‘being found’ on Twitter.

#2 Connect with Influential People:

Once the profile is created, the next step for you is to connect with people. As a starting point, connect with highly influential people from your industry. Follow what they are tweeting about and what is being talked about. This will help you in being updated about latest happenings and also draw some inspiration and motivation 🙂

The best way to search for such users is to use the Search feature of Twitter. Simply log in to Twitter and go to http://search.twitter.com. Type in the keywords based on interest or the name and you can find relevant people as well as tweets. Another option is to look out in Twitter directories like Twellow. Such directories allow you to search people based on categories, # of followers/ following, interests etc. Very useful if used effectively.

#3 Tweet Something Interesting:

Make your tweets interesting, useful and educational if possible. Self promotion is strict NO. Think outside the ‘self boundary’ and tweet about something which others will look forward to.

#4 Retweet and Connect:

Social media is all about sharing and connecting. If you find something worth sharing, retweet it. Make sure you respond to @messages sent to you. Be part of the community. Join in interesting conversations, respond to people and to interesting tweets.

#5 Maintain Consistency:

Twitter is not something where you can be active for couple of days a week and expect to build a steady fan following. It demands time and attention. You need to give some dedicated time for connecting with people every day. Thanks for smartphones, you can do the same while on move or even when you are away from your computer.

Following these 5 tips could certainly help you get started with Twitter and build a fan following there. Remember, social media is about connecting, sharing, helping and learning from each other. Make the most of the platform!

Actors, Models, Singers and Photographers: Use Facebook and Attract Fan Following

Undoubtedly, Facebook has become a very popular social networking platform with more than 800 Million users. Many businesses have already started using it for connecting with the target users and consumers.


Artists like you, who are actors, models, singers, photographers and film makers can also use Facebook for connecting with their fans, communicating with them, sharing ideas and interacting with them. Before Facebook or social media in general, this was very difficult because you would have to worry about setting up a website and other such online communication platform for initiating connection with your fans. That was hassle. But Facebook is free. All you need to invest is your time and creativity.

So let’s first understand how you can use Facebook:

Facebook Profile: Profile is your personal space. This can be for your close friends and family members. With profile, you can get connected to only 5000 ‘friends’. So that’s the limitation.

Facebook Page: We recommend you start with creating a Facebook page. You can set up the page with more information about yourself, photos, videos etc. Your fans can the ‘Like’ the page and become fans of your page. Once they become fans of your page, they can post comments on your status updates, post their views, share their views on photos/ videos etc. Here, you don’t have to worry about any limit on number of fans 

Facebook Group: If you are passionate about some subject and want to get together people associated with that subject to discuss, debate, share and interact then you can form a Facebook group.

Assuming that you go ahead with creating a Facebook fan page, the next step is letting people know about the page. You can do that by requesting your friends to spread the message. You can also publicize the page on your website, portfolio or other social networking accounts such as Twitter, MySpace or YouTube. You can also use Facebook ads if you want to attract more fan following.

Once you have the fans liking your page, it is very important to maintain engagement and connection with them. Ensure that you post regular updates on the page and keep the fans updated. Keep your fans updated with what you are up to. Post about your new assignments and projects. Your fans can also help you in case you need any assistance like connecting with someone or finding anything in particular. Respond to comments promptly and regularly. Engage the fans by asking their opinions or views.

Remember, Facebook is a very effective medium but you have to be persistent, creative, prompt and diligent with it.  Maintain consistent connection, be honest with your fans and value their opinions and views.