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Closing the chapters: “Somewhere Sometime”

he Short Story Writing Contest





Stories happen all the time in our lives, it’s just that only some of us make the efforts to actually pen them down and thus shelf them forever.
Tumbhi organized a Short Story writing contest with the motive of taking out those diaries of confessions and expressions from people’s lives, get them framed, have them exposed and thus being appreciated. The only condition posed before the writers was the inclusion of “Twist in the tale”, I.e. the stories invited had to have a sudden turn or element of surprise in them!

As very much expected from the ‘writer’s breed’ all across the world, the stories came in all the ways they could, with all the tangs of life, love, relationships, thriller, emotions, tragedy and what not.

The quality of the entries was worth exploring and enjoying by the jury which included names like Javed Siddiqui (Urdu and Hindi screenwriter, dialogue writer and playwright from India, written over 50 story lines, screenplays and dialogues), Pankaj Shukla (A Film Critic, a Senior Journalist , a Book Reviewer, a Writer and a Director) and Kiran Khalap (Author, brand consultant and founder of Chlorophyll brand & communications consultancy).

After days of reading, the jury finally managed to take out the top 25 among the so many few!
Tumbhi team takes pride to congratulate all 25 writers and their stories, who made it to the shortlists plus a huge applause for the writers who ‘even tried’ because Success is not always counted by the result but by the effort!

Here are the Super 25 Shortlists of ‘Sometime Somewhere’ Contest:

Artist Name Story Title
Abhishek Saurabh The Message
Aditya Singh The Servants
Afshan Shaik Rendezvous at Insync
Amogha Reddappa A step forward
Amogha Reddappa The unseen rendezvous
Arpa Mukherjee Adnama
Assad Khan Blind
Banu Dai Love untold
Chandan Kumar The deadly prank
Chandru Bhojwani Saya
Deepti Mittal Reet par khichi lakeer
Ekta Patel Silent Witness
Harrosh Manoharan The note
Jerremy Spurgin The great mysterious
Jesse Raine Getting out there
Kanhaiya Bairwa Somewhere sometime
Majid Bazmi Akela
Mayuresh Kanvinde The strange case
Nikhil Srivastava Vada story
Renuka Vishwanathan The lone wolf
Sanjay Verma Durghatna
Sriparna Saha End of an affair
Vandana Kumari Jena If the truth be told
Vandana Kumari Jena Judge not
Vibha Batra The survivor
Many more pages are yet to be turned; the course of time will bring newer horizons!!

Once again Congratulations everybody!!