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To sell it, you have to Name it & do it right!

How to write an awesome Title/Name for your product & make that first impression!

It’s a big world out there – the #online one and making your product stand out in that market takes some skills for sure. You are an amazing artist and you have created this beautiful piece of art which you want to put for sale but the next challenge remains how to do it!

Name of the product is for sure the next ice breaker after the product’s picture. Since you are dealing in a virtual world with no touch and feel, it’s only the picture of the product and its description which can help you

Here is a little help to start with writing an impressive name for your piece of art:

1. Be generic

The name of your product should give a full outline of what is it. Use common words which you think people will use to search for a product like yours.

For example – If your product is a Tanjore Painting of Krishna, you can go with something like “Krishna Original Tanjore Painting”

It’s easy to understand and search.

2. Be innovative

For a lot of art-buyers it’s not just the art itself but the overall presentation of the product that matters. You should use the USP (the distinctive feature) of your product to highlight it in your product name. For example – If your product is a Tanjore Painting of Krishna playing a flute, you can go with something like “Melodious Krishna Original Tanjore Painting”

3. Add credibility

The name of the art is sometimes the only thing an art-buyer will look at before making his decision to bring your art home. Adding credibility such as “Original Painting” will make your statement stronger and will make your buyer believe you a little more. However you should not go overboard and add such prefixes only if they stand true. You can also add the item’s brand name, artist, or designer’s name.

4. Be Grammar Conscious

You don’t want to ruin your precious first impression by doing some grammatical errors. Don’t include words like “wow” or “look.”, buyers can lose their trust in your product thinking it’s something very generic. Use correct spellings and use of punctuation marks or all caps is not advisable.

5. Keep it short and simple

We like it short and we like it simple. Enough said. Don’t go beyond four or five words. To tell the entire story, use the Art Description space. Keeping the title short and reasonable will make it easier for the buyer to search and comprehend quickly amidst all the other artworks/products out there.

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Five Essential Points to Consider Before you Start Selling your Art

So you are an artist and you want to sell your art? Great!
But you are a newbie in this field and you don’t know how to! Not so great…
The good news is, we are here to help you out!

With our brand new e-commerce website www.tumbhimall.com which focuses on selling unique art to art lovers, we have compiled a list of valuable tips for you to get useful insights about this phenomenon

1. Understand your Art

First touch point is to know what you are selling here. If it is a painting, ask yourself below questions:

  • What kind of painting is it ? Nature landscape or portrait or Still life or Illustration or Sketch or Folk Art etc.; have you used any specific technique or is it your own style?
  • What is the medium it is in? Have you used a canvas or wood or paper
  • What is the size in scale of your art? Is it a small A4 size or a big bulky frame?
  • What according would be the best price of your artwork?

2. Who is your Target Audience?

After understanding your art, it’s time to understand the people you want to sell it to. Not anyone will buy anything. There are going to be specific segments of buyers who will be interested in your art. For e.g. a homemaker might be interested in a folk art or religious art for home décor, whereas a youngster might indulge in quirky pop-art poster. Understanding your audience will also be influenced by the size of your art – a big bulky painting will attract buyers with bigger homes and deeper pockets, similarly unframed pictures can be easily picked by middle class art lovers.

3. Face value is market value – Positioning your Art

#Photograph- Stick to “Jo dikhta hai , wo bikta hai” mantra! Understand the importance of creating a positive first impression and convert it into sales. Since you are an online seller, photographing your art/product is going to be the most important aspect. It’s advisable to hire a professional product photographer to do so. If that is not possible ask a friend with a decent camera to help you with it. Focus on the lighting so that every color, every stroke of your art is clearly visible. Remember, a tacky photo will shut all the opportunities of your art getting sold.

#Price- what according would be the best price of your artwork?

#Title – what is the name you have given to your artwork? Have you titled it too randomly that your prospective buyers will not be able to find or understand it on the website? We suggest you to keep it standard- generic but attractive. This will make it easier for people looking for a specific kind of artwork. For e.g. If it’s a painting of Buddha you can use a title like “Peaceful Buddha” which is both generic and attractive.

4. Why should people buy your art?

This point is going to test your writing skills just like photography section. But it is very crucial since this is the only scope of connecting with your buyers, making them understand your work so that they end up buying it! You simply need to write the story behind the Art and give the buyer more reasons to bring it home. A long essay is not required; a simple explanation in 2-3 lines about the inspiration or meaning of the art should work just fine.



5. Where can they buy it?

Since you are selling your art on the website, your customers have to come to the website. Your job here is to bring them to the website where your art is. Word of mouth till date is the best way of marketing, hence spread the word in your network! Making the marketplace popular will only benefit you in the longer since the probability of getting more and more visiting buyers will increase the chances of getting your own art sold.



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