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Tumbhi Artists Go-Live at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai!

Theatre is a world of souls where every artist lives a different character every day, every time!

Yatri Festival was nothing less than a glorious glimpse of this magical world. With jam-packed theatre for its shows, celebrating 500th birthday of one of its play, an aura-of-art around and people passionate about various arts, Prithvi Theatre was beaming with life where two of the Tumbhi artists were given a center stage to showcase their talent.

Bharat Tiwari, a poet from Delhi and Niraj Kumar Singh, folk singer from Banaras got an opportunity from Tumbhi to present their talent to the audiences of Prithvi Theatres, Mumbai and the artists made the most of that.

Niraj K Singh performed 4 folk songs and the entire crowd was not Mumbaiya anymore. Everybody was captivated by the colors of “Kaashi” (Varanasi) and the air it brought along. The passerbys were compelled to pause, stand and henceforth give a huge round of applause.

Tumbhi thought it was the magic of the “Music” but only to prove it wrong performed the other artist, Bharat Tiwari, who recited his four poems in front of the crowd. TV artists, film celebrities, theatre people, the café staff, everybody sat among the audience to soothe their ears. And needless to mention, they had a real good time!

We wish many more artists to continue getting identified by Tumbhi, go live and thus Rock!

It seems that artists are really enjoying the Passionate World of Arts created by Tumbhi!