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25 Tips for Poetry Writing

Poetry writing is your passion, it’s in your blood and you KNOW when, how and about what you want to write a poem. Here is a little help from Tumbhi to help you become a better poet.

Have a look at these 25 tips to see if any of these add value to your knowledge and skill 🙂

Read poetry – from famous as well as non-famous poets

Write a lot – the more you write, the more you will refine your poetry

Improve your vocabulary – subscribe to services which will teach you one new word everyday

Be cautious about the rhyme

Stick to a topic on what to write? Try poetry prompts

Attend a poetry workshop – you can learn a lot from the experts

Submit your poetry to online websites and invite feedback

Be attentive – you can get lot of clues from the objects around you

Avoid clichés in words and sentences (Busy as bee…ah!!)

Pick up a theme and write based on that

Avoid abstract – be concrete wherever you can

Make every line of poetry important – don’t just keep adding lines for the sake of it.

Maintain a separate poetry book and carry it all the time with you – you never know when the inspiration strikes you!

Listen to poetry – there are tons of podcasts available

Subscribe to different poetry apps on your smartphone

Attend poetry events

Subscribe to poetry blogs and read them regularly

Create your own blog and publish your poetry. Blog is a very powerful medium to take the work out.

Be active on social media like Facebook/ Twitter. Share poetry with your fans/ followers and ask for feedback

Don’t hesitate or be afraid of conveying your point of view – no matter how radically different it is. After all, you have to believe in your thoughts and writing

Don’t try to explain everything – let the readers have their own interpretations of your poem

Pay attention to detail – chose EVERY word in your poetry carefully – refine it till you think it’s perfect.

Try wit, puns in your poetry – they work like charm

Choose only those topics about which you are passionate – don’t follow the herd

Don’t just live the life, one day at a time. Feel every moment, every object and every situation – this will enhance your poetry