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Art is everywhere – as we all know! And there is a lot of Art involved in the politics too, because art is the ultimate medium of expression and communication. And politics or rather political campaigns are all about mass communications and thus influence on the junta’s (AAM aadmi) point of view!

With the social media addicted generation, art has evolved to be the only tool which is potent of ‘attracting’ a lot of eyeballs. With the aroused sense of humor of the netizens, political campaigners have started to believe in what seems like “Any publicity is good publicity” and thus gave place to a lot of memes and political jokes! A standard netizen may not share a TOI news article but will happily do that for a cartoon/meme laughing about any political celeb for that matter.

But art in politics has to be careful or the publication will disclaim saying: “All views expressed are alone of the artist and the newspaper has nothing to do about them” (though they themselves are publishing it).

And since we at Tumbhi consider ourselves a ‘Passionate World of Arts’, we decided to discover the enormous creativity/art which goes around while a political campaign is on- here are a few art categories we can identify which have been played a major role in the Epic Indian Elections of 2014:

Memes have been the most popular of all time. A little presence of mind- combining a few totally irrelevant photos together and write a line adjoining them – thus making you laugh so hard that you are compelled to either share or tweet them- just to share the joke you see! (FYI- they also get instagrammed and pinned)


Cartoons have always been there! Since 1947 – that small black & white (or colored now) caricatures of a popular ministers’ enlarged head placed on a tiny body making fun of his opposing party – in the bottom left column of the newspaper have always managed to both laugh at the sarcasm as well as appreciate the art. Even Bal Thackeray, the eminent political figure of Maharshatra Govt, started his career as a cartoonist in the Free Press Journal in Mumbai.

Animated Films – Media houses equipped with a fancy team of super witty animators and TV channels with high TRPs have adapted this mode of art as well. The fillers in between news telecasts are now filled with such animated films where the contesting candidate sings a popular Bollywood song “Main hun DON” or any other such gimmick which is able to glue audience to TV and laugh like actually ROFLing!


But funny or not, these art gears have totally managed to

a) Troll everybody in news

b) And create a huge impact on the voter’s set of mind

We the social media people, naturally form a positive opinion about anybody who is trolled but with Respect! Art surely has managed to create awareness at a large level and so the stats say the voter turnout has been the highest ever at 66.4% since 1984 polls.

So we realized, there is a lot of Art in Politics and dude… Politics is Art too, isn’t it?