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It was ‘Layla-Majnun’ and not ‘Laila-Majnu’!

We all have known, heard and talked about these epic love stories forever, but have we really bothered to find out where they all came from and who from?

Read here 5 Epic Love Stories with their origins, writers ,plots and their world famous adaptations!

#1. Layla & Majnun

Origin- It’s an Arabic folklore – a love story from the Middle East.

Writer- Nizami Ganjavii (1141 to 1209)

Nezāmi is considered the greatest romantic epic poet in Persian literature who brought a colloquial and realistic style to the Persian epic.


Layla was a beautiful girl born in a rich family. Being no less than a princess, she was expected to marry a wealthy boy and live in grandeur and splendor. But Layla fell in love with Qays (Majnun) and he too loved her dearly. Qays was a poet and belonged to the same tribe as Layla. He composed splendid love poems and dedicated them to his lady-love, telling in them his love for her and mentioning her name often. Qays’ friends knew about his affair with Layla and they often teased and made fun of his love. But such taunts had no effect on Qays. He was deeply in love with Layla and it was her thoughts alone that possessed his mind for all time.

But Qays was a poor lad. And when he asked for Layla’s hand in marriage, her father promptly refused him as he didn’t want her daughter to marry below her status. It would mean a scandal for Layla according to Arab traditions.

As fate would have it, the two lovers were banished from seeing each other. Soon after, Layla’s parents married her off to a wealthy man and she went on to live in a big mansion.

When Qays heard of her marriage he was heartbroken. He fled the tribe camp and wandered in the surrounding desert. His family eventually gave up on his return and left food for him in the wilderrness. He could sometimes be seen reciting poetry to himself or writing Layla’s name in the sand with a stick. Day and night, he pined for her.

Layla was no better. Separated from Qays, she was shattered in mind, body and spirit. Not long afterwards, in 688 AD, she moved to Iraq with her husband, where she fell ill and died eventually.

When Qays’ friends came to know about Layla’s death, they went looking for him all over to give him the news. But they could not find him.

Not much later, their search for him came to an end. Qays was found dead in the wilderness near Layla’s grave. On a rock near the grave, he had carved three verses of poetry, which are the last three verses ascribed to him.

“I pass by these walls, the walls of Layla

And I kiss this wall and that wall
It’s not Love of the houses that has taken my heart
But of the One who dwells in those houses”

Qays went mad for his love; for this reason he came to be called “Majnu”, or “Majnun Layla”

Famous adaptation- In Indian hindi movie “Laila Majnu” (1976) directed by Harnam Singh Rawail and starring Rishi Kapoor and Ranjeeta.


#2. Heer & Ranjha

Origins- It’s one of the four most popular tragic romances of the Punjab.(India)

Writer- Waris Shah

Waris was a Punjabi Sufi poet, renowned for his contribution to Punjabi literature and is also called Shakespeare of the Punjabi language because of his great poetic love story


Heer was an extremely beautiful woman, born into a wealthy Jat family of the Sayyal clan in Jhang, Punjab. Ranjha (first name Dheedo; Ranjha is the surname), also a Jat of the Ranjha clan, was the youngest of four brothers and lived in the village ‘Takht Hazara‘ by the river Chenab. Being his father’s favorite son, unlike his brothers who had to toil in the lands, he led a life of ease playing the flute . After a quarrel with his brothers over land, Ranjha left home and eventually arrived in Heer’s village and fell in love with her. Heer offered Ranjha a job as caretaker of her father’s cattle. She became mesmerized by the way Ranjha played his flute and eventually fell in love with him. They met each other secretly for many years until they were caught by Heer’s jealous uncle, Kaido, and her parents Chuchak and Malki. Heer was then forced by her family and the local priest or ‘mullah‘ to marry another man called Saida Khera.

Ranjha wass heartbroken. He wandered the countryside alone, until eventually he met a ‘jogi’ (ascetic). After meeting Baba Gorakhnath, Ranjha became a jogi himself, piercing his ears and renouncing the material world. Reciting the name of the Lord, “Alakh Niranjan“, he wandered all over the Punjab, and eventually found the village where Heer now lived.

The two return to Heer’s village, where Heer’s parents agreed to their marriage. However, on the wedding day, Heer’s jealous uncle Kaido poisoned her food so that the wedding doesn’t takes place. Hearing this news, Ranjha rushed to aid Heer, but he was too late, as she already ate the poison and died. Brokenhearted once again, Ranjha took the poisoned Laddu (sweet) which Heer ate and dies by her side.

Famous adaptation: In Indian hindi movie “Heer Ranjha” (1970) directed by Chetan Anand starring Raaj Kumar and Priya Rajvansh.


#3. Romeo & Juliet

Origins- Its plot is based on an Italian tale, translated into verse as The Tragical History of Romeus and Origins- Juliet by Arthur Brooke in 1562

Writer- William Shakespeare


Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families.

The Montague (Romeo’s Family) and Capulet(Juliette’s family) families were feuding.

The Count of Paris approached Lord Capulet about marrying his daughter, Juliet, but he was wary of the request because she was only thirteen. Capulet asked the Count of Paris to wait another two years and invited him to attend a ball. Lady Capulet and Juliet’s nurse urged Juliet to accept Paris’ courtship.

During the ball, Benvolio (a cousin of Romeo) discovered Romeo’s one-sided infatuation for the fair Juliette.

After the ball, Romeo sneaked into the Capulet courtyard and overheard Juliet on her balcony vowing her love to him in spite of her family’s hatred for his family. Romeo made himself known to her and they agreed to be marry each other.

With the help of a friar, who hoped to reconcile the two families through their children’s union, they get secretly married the next day.

Juliet’s cousin Tybalt, annoyed that Romeo had crashed the Capulet ball, challenged him to a duel. Romeo, now considering Tybalt his kinsman, refused to fight. Romeo’s friend, Mercutio was offended by Tybalt’s insolence, as well as Romeo’s “vile submission” and accepted the duel on Romeo’s behalf. Mercutio was fatally wounded when Romeo attempted to break up the fight. Grief-stricken and wracked with guilt, Romeo confronted and killed Tybalt.

The Prince exiled Romeo from Verona and declared that if Romeo returns, he will be executed. Romeo secretly spends the night in Juliet’s chamber, where they made love for the first and last time, consummating their marriage. In the morning, he prepared to leave and kissed her one last time.

Lord Capulet, misinterpreted Juliet’s grief, agreed to marry her to Count Paris and threatened to disown her if she refuses. Juliette pleaded for the marriage to be delayed, but her mother rejected her.

Juliet visited Friar Laurence for help, and he offered her a drug that will put her into a death-like coma for forty-two hours. The Friar promised to send a messenger to inform Romeo of the plan, so that he can rejoin her when she awakens. On the night before her wedding to the Count, Juliet takes the drug and, when discovered apparently dead, she is laid in the family crypt.

The messenger, however, failed to reach Romeo and, instead, he learned of Juliet’s apparent demise from his servant. Heartbroken, Romeo bought poison from an apothecary and drank it.

Juliet then awakened only to find her beloved Romeo dead. Unwilling to live without him, she stabbed herself with his dagger.

The feuding families and the Prince met at the tomb to find all three dead. The Friar recounted their story. The families were reconciled by their children’s deaths and agreed to end their violent feud.

Famous adaptation: Romeo + Juliet (1966) starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes


#4. Pyramus and Thisbē

Origins- These are two characters of Roman mythology

Writer- Ovid

Ovid was a Roman poet who is best known as the author of the three major collections of poetry, the Heroides, Amores and Ars Amatoria, and of the Metamorphoses. His poetry greatly influenced European art and literature and remains as one of the most important sources of classical mythology.


Pyramus and Thisbe was the story of two lovers in the city of Babylon who occupied connected houses/walls.

Pyramus was the most handsome man and was childhood friend of Thisbe, the fairest maiden in Babylonia. They both lived in neighboring homes and fell in love with each other as they grew up together. However, their parents were against them marrying each other.

Through a crack in one of the walls, they whispered their love for each other. One night while everyone was asleep, they decided to slip out of their homes and meet in the nearby fields near a mulberry tree. Thisbe reached there first. As she waited under the tree, she saw a lion coming near the spring close by to quench its thirst. Its jaws were bloody. When Thisbe saw this horrifying sight, she panicked and ran to hide in some

hollow rocks nearby. As she was running, she dropped her veil. The lion came near and picked up the veil in his bloody jaws. At that moment, Pyramus reached near the mulberry tree and saw Thisbe’s veil in the jaws of the lion. He was completely devastated. Shattered, he pierced his chest with his own sword. Unknown to what just happened; Thisbe was still hiding in the rocks due to the fear of the lion. When she came out after sometime, she saw what her lover did to himself. She was totally shattered when she saw the sword piercing right through her lover’s chest. She also took the sword and killed herself.

In the end, the gods listened to Thisbe’s lament, and forever changed the color of the mulberry fruits into the stained color to honor the forbidden love.

Famous Adaptation : In a “mock opera” by the German-born composer John Frederick Lampe (1745)


#5. Orpheus & Eurydice

Origins- It is a tale from Greek mythology.

Writer- There is no single author for this story- it’s been told and passed for generations!


Orpheus fell deeply in love with and married Eurydice, a beautiful fairy. They were very much in love and very happy together. Aristaeus, a Greek god of the land and agriculture, became quite fond of Eurydice, and actively pursued her.

While fleeing from Aristaeus, Eurydice ran into a nest of snakes which bit her fatally on her legs. Distraught, Orpheus played such sad songs and sang so mournfully that all the nymphs and gods wept. On their advice, Orpheus traveled to the underworld and by his music softened the hearts of Hades and Persephone (he was the only person ever to do so), who agreed to allow Eurydice to return with him to earth on one condition: he should walk in front of her and not look back until they both had reached the upper world. In his anxiety he forgot that both needed to be in the upper world, and he turned to look at her, and she vanished for the second time, but now forever.

Famous adaptation : In a Brazilian film Black Orpheus (1959) by French director Marcel Camus

Know What Tumbhi Can Give You!

“Open your eyes and look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” Bob Marley

When Bob said this, it was clearly not for an average man who comes to work, does his routine and sleeps off to complete the cycle. It was more about the man who despite of his routine , takes out time for himself, the one who discovers himself as an artist, nurtures his talent and grows without any full stops in view.

Tumbhi, as per definition, means an online platform that seeks to transform the lives of artists, art lovers and art seekers. You are an artist if you have created some artworks in the credit of your name, out of pure imagination of your own.

If you walk in Tumbhi world as an artist, there are a lot of things that are offered to you! Some of the pointers are as under:

  • You are an instant ‘Star’: All of us know fame doesn’t walk in the window so easily but there is always a beginning to everything. Tumbhi artists who get recognized either by getting shortlisted in some of the Tumbhi’s Contests or winning those are interviewed. These interviews are opened up for reading on our blog as well as other social media platforms. Through this, the world gets to know both the personal side of the artist along with the Artistic part.
  • Featuring on Facebook: Facebook is a big deal these days. The entire world around us is there on Facebook as well and making up to something on Facebook is not a meager issue. Tumbhi has a proactive Facebook page with a huge fan base of more than 90,000 fans. Any artist who captures the attention of the Tumbhi team with his outstanding work of art (be it a photograph, poetry, story or even modeling portfolio) gets featured right there in front of thousands on Tumbhi’s Facebook page. Same goes with Tumbhi’s Twitter and blogging platform as well.
  • Expert Comments: This is something which you don’t easily get everywhere! An artist always craves for the right eye for his/her artwork and if that eye is of an expert of that field, there is nothing better than that. Tumbhi has on its board an eminent panel of advisors, who are handpicked by their respective industry itself for the kind of work they have to show to the world. These include people like Anurag Kashyap (Film Director), Irshad Kamil (Lyricist), Javed Siddiqui (Screen Writer), Sunjoy Monga (Photographer) and so on. An artist coming to Tumbhi gets an opportunity to expose his talent to such maestros and receive expert comments from them.

So the first step to discover yourself as an artist will always be your initiative but Tumbhi can take definitely take up from the following steps.

Give yourself a chance to get Explored by the world! Login to www.tumbhi.com.

5 Awesome Ways to Become An Instant Celebrity

Art in any form attracts you, you love people with creative instincts, you try attending all the art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, you love reading good writing pieces and you yourself also compose something in the night under your table lamp?? Congratulations, you qualify all the requirements of being called an artist and an art lover!

Now that you are a proven artist you can continue reading below.

An artist suffers from many difficult phases in his journey of being an artist, being called an artist and improving as an artist. And to your rescue comes our much loved child Social Media. Social media is not only about socializing these days; it has the capacity of giving you and your art the wings to fly and fly high.

Here’s how you can use it: 1 problem, 5 solutions.

#1 Make your display counter: Begin by creating a dedicated Facebook page (page and not profile) or a blog for your artworks. Love it like your personal diary which is open for public reading. Decorate it with all your chosen artworks, may it be stories, poems or photographs. Give an enhanced peek-a-boo in your own art-gallery and make it public to let all the eyes in the world see it.(Read here: Blogging your way)

#2 Audience is your God: Identify your audience and its whereabouts. Analyze what kind of people would like your artwork or be interested in it, whether such people are more active on facebook or on blogs. Two ways to carry it forward would be:

  • Grow within your circle: First becomes a star in your own group. Invite friends to visit your facebook page or blog by filling up their inboxes with constant updates about your page/blog. Share links, status messages and other updates with them by email or direct messages.
  • Go Public: Set your blogs/page for public viewing. Visit other blogs, post your comments on their posts so that they come back to check out your profile and find your blog/page instead. Every time you update your page/blog, share a link to it on your personal facebook profile, G+ and wherever else you have an account.

#3 Remember Twitter: Twitter remains the supreme of all the social networking sites being perfect place for sharing links and making the world see it. If you don’t have twitter account yet, open it right away. (Read here: Tips for artists to use twitter) Follow, get followed and share, share, and share.

#4 Visit other houses as well: Making a page/blog and inviting guest/audiences there is all about hosting. Now learn about being a wise guest as well. There are many forums, facebook groups, communities which are dedicated to individual ideas/genres. Join them now! Start posting, sharing, liking there. There will be many people out there who will be just like you and they would treat you the same way. Eventually, you will get connected to so many Likeminded friends.

#5 You v/s him: Now that you are an artist-star by every means, show some mettle elsewhere also. Search for various talent contests that go online. This doesn’t takes much on your time and effort and instead winning it or even getting shortlisted in it, adds big time to your credibility. If there is an evidence of award say a gift or a certificate, share that as well on your page/blog and express your gratitude. (Read here: Warnings before entering an online contest).

As an artist it’s very important to understand the people, the art is exposed to. Reciting a poetry in the middle of hippies would never earn you more than a laugh. Therefore connect right and connect well!!

Happy creating, sharing and applauding!!

Dreams That Came True!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. “- Walt Disney

Every one of us a dreamer, the difference is only that some of us remember them when we wake up and some of us let go the flow of thoughts. The dreams may vary as per night or day but the core ambitions travel along with every vision that comes to the dreamer’s mind.

An artist also dreams. He dreams to transform all his dreams into reality one day. And what if someday, somebody actually holds his hands and guides him through? A bunch of dreamers experienced something like this! They got a chance to cherish their dream: being a filmmaker, a scriptwriter, an actor.

Tumbhi came up with a scriptwriting contest back in May 2011 called “Paanch”. The prize was only a promise to transform the words into reality i.e. the winning entries would be converted to actual short films under the mentorship of none other than Anurag Kashyap.

Six Short films were made by Tumbhi. Shor and Sujata were part of those six films. Come November’2011, the film Shor goes to Abu Dhabi Film Festival (U.A.E) 2011-12, gets discovered by the right eyes for filmmaking, receives rave reviews from many critics and wins the Best Narrative Short: Grand Jury Prize.

But Shor was made only to shout out loud what it actually was! It grabs another Best Narrative Short: Grand Jury Prize at South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF). Neeraj Ghayawan, Scriptwriter and director of Shor , could actually see now his dreams flying high right there in the clouds above. Making much more ‘Shor’ than its name, Shor won another Grand Jury Prize at 10th Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles.

But Shor was not alone here for the accolades. Huma Qureshi, the lead actress of the other short film “Sujata” gets a special mention by the grand jury at IFFLA. Sujata, a dream-child of the scriptwriter Annie Zaidi and director Shlok Sharma, becomes just another route of bliss for its conceivers.

To Tumbhi.com, it was all about giving feathers to the dreams of artists! Looking forward to even more feathers getting added to their caps, Tumbhi takes pride in translating at least a few dreams to reality because as Dr. Abdul Kalam said, “you have to dream before your dreams can come true.”

Closing the chapters: “Somewhere Sometime”

he Short Story Writing Contest





Stories happen all the time in our lives, it’s just that only some of us make the efforts to actually pen them down and thus shelf them forever.
Tumbhi organized a Short Story writing contest with the motive of taking out those diaries of confessions and expressions from people’s lives, get them framed, have them exposed and thus being appreciated. The only condition posed before the writers was the inclusion of “Twist in the tale”, I.e. the stories invited had to have a sudden turn or element of surprise in them!

As very much expected from the ‘writer’s breed’ all across the world, the stories came in all the ways they could, with all the tangs of life, love, relationships, thriller, emotions, tragedy and what not.

The quality of the entries was worth exploring and enjoying by the jury which included names like Javed Siddiqui (Urdu and Hindi screenwriter, dialogue writer and playwright from India, written over 50 story lines, screenplays and dialogues), Pankaj Shukla (A Film Critic, a Senior Journalist , a Book Reviewer, a Writer and a Director) and Kiran Khalap (Author, brand consultant and founder of Chlorophyll brand & communications consultancy).

After days of reading, the jury finally managed to take out the top 25 among the so many few!
Tumbhi team takes pride to congratulate all 25 writers and their stories, who made it to the shortlists plus a huge applause for the writers who ‘even tried’ because Success is not always counted by the result but by the effort!

Here are the Super 25 Shortlists of ‘Sometime Somewhere’ Contest:

Artist Name Story Title
Abhishek Saurabh The Message
Aditya Singh The Servants
Afshan Shaik Rendezvous at Insync
Amogha Reddappa A step forward
Amogha Reddappa The unseen rendezvous
Arpa Mukherjee Adnama
Assad Khan Blind
Banu Dai Love untold
Chandan Kumar The deadly prank
Chandru Bhojwani Saya
Deepti Mittal Reet par khichi lakeer
Ekta Patel Silent Witness
Harrosh Manoharan The note
Jerremy Spurgin The great mysterious
Jesse Raine Getting out there
Kanhaiya Bairwa Somewhere sometime
Majid Bazmi Akela
Mayuresh Kanvinde The strange case
Nikhil Srivastava Vada story
Renuka Vishwanathan The lone wolf
Sanjay Verma Durghatna
Sriparna Saha End of an affair
Vandana Kumari Jena If the truth be told
Vandana Kumari Jena Judge not
Vibha Batra The survivor
Many more pages are yet to be turned; the course of time will bring newer horizons!!

Once again Congratulations everybody!!