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TumbhiMall @JJ School of Arts, Mumbai #AnnualFest

Sir JJ School of Art- with more than 150 years of history sprawling around famous name son the art world, a building housing all the great talent itself counted as a Heritage of India and which has contributed immensely to the Art Scene of India and International – needs no further introduction.

JJ, which conducts its famous Art Festival every year which sees World fame Artists will open its gates this year on 17th Feb 2016 and Tumbhi made its presence felt out there by offering opportunities to young artists to Sell Their Art!

Young JJ Artists queue up to register themselves as sellers on TubmhiMall

And our first Seller on-board!

And it was so amazing to see Artists already using our gifts, even created a beautiful sketch in matter of no time and waved the books all together! #woah

After the amazing response received at JJ School, we urge you too to register as seller and commercialize your art! Visit and start selling NOW!

Why Should You Bring Some Art Home?

Home is where the heart is and thus, it has to be the most beautiful place for you on this earth. Millions of home decor items and interior designing ideas available today all are telling you while you think of making your home more homely and striking. A little bit of Arty touch on your walls or mantelpieces can say a lot about your own personality, and that heart which lives in here – the home!

Five quick reasons on why should bring some Art home and give that special ‘touch’.


Photo by Mauricio Silerio #TumbhiArtist

1.  Because you are an Art Lover

Everyone admires art, including you and the people visiting your home. There is nothing like having a wonderful piece of art up on your wall, may it be a painting by a famous artist, or a pick from a local flea market, or a picture from your most memorable vacation framed and pinned exclusively on your wall- art is art.

…….Even if you aren’t, art is the FAD.

And even if you are not really an art admirer, it can add a distinctive hint to your décor choices. Art is the Fad; you know everyone forms a different opinion about you when they get to know the creative side of yours. And art comes in all sizes and shapes. You might be a scientist but if you frame that diagram of physics that got you your first project, it becomes art!

2. Art is the Only Thing that Will Stay Forever

Art has been the way of life way before we knew languages and technologies, those cave designs have made their way through centuries to be passed on generation to generation and art is the only thing that will stay way past beyond literature and science! It doesn’t grow old and desolate, in fact when it comes to art, old is gold. You would definitely want to bring something home which is evergreen.

Photo by Mauricio Silerio #TumbhiArtist

3. A Little Showoff on the Walls

A picture sure speaks a thousand words. Available in trillions of colors, you get a lot of scope to play around with colors in accordance with the colors of your walls and other furniture. Where it talks about the artistic side of you, it also becomes matter of a little bit of showoff on the walls where every guest can be mesmerized by your taste of choice.

4. Art is Unique

Art is exclusive. Some artists reserve the right not to reproduce their artworks in any form and just consider, if you get one of those home, you will have something nobody else does!

5. Good Investment Idea Too

A lot of art is authentic, vintage and exclusive. There is an entire industry where art-collectors invest in these kind of art which bears a lot of sale value. So it’s a great idea to invest in a great piece of art and bonus! You don’t have to even keep hidden away in your locker.

Our Participation in Pune Photo Fair 2015

#Tumbhi, for the first time had put up a stall in an Exhibition to help artists find a platform to showcase their Art. And it was a great Experience.

Pune Photo Fair 2015 was a three day exhibition taken place at Ganesh Kala Krida Manch, Pune. The Exhibition was for all the photographers and for everyone who are related to photography. The crowd not only included Pune photographers, but photographers from other places of India as well.

We got a chance to introduce our platform to artists and interact with them. By this, we got to know about their interests in photography and what all kind of photography they prefer.

It was a golden opportunity for us to help artists showcase their talent and provide them a platform for the same!
Few snaps taken while briefing photographers about #Tumbhi:

Tips for writing a Narrative Poem

A narrative poetry is one that tells or depicts a story.

Elements for a Narrative Poem –

1. A catchy title:

The reader first comes across the title, if the title is attractive and catchy he will read it further. If not, he might just skip your poem and will not be interested to read further. Therefore to create interest, one must first start with a catchy title. The main Key word from the poem can be used as a title in a more descriptive form.

2. Should tell a story:

Narrative poetry in itself is a poem that tells a story. One must think deeply about a perfect story which maybe imaginary or for real.

3. Must have a character:

Every story has a main character and other characters. Similarly characters must be included in this

Type of poetry. There can be one character or number of characters depending on the story to be narrated.

4. It need not be in a rhythmic form:

It is not always necessary that the poem must be in rhythm. Narrative poems need not be in a rhythmic form. The only thing that must be taken care of is that the poem is in sync.

5. Length of the poem doesn’t matter:

A poem is usually short, but narrative poems can be as long as possible. The length of the poem doesn’t really matter, all that matters is that it should be in a poem format.

6. Make sure, the story has an attractive beginning, middle and the end:

To make the readers aware and to attract them, the beginning of the poem must be attractive and impressive. It should also have the middle and end part which includes a climax or the main purpose of telling the story.

7. Identify and make sure the speaker of the poem:

Speaker basically means, the narrator of the poem.

Person who is telling the story. This does not include the characters of the poem/ Story.

8. Try to include an unusual moment in the poem that will attract readers:

This simply means the climax of the story. Like and dislike of the poem depends on the story and the main subject of the story. Hence, writers should mainly focus on the unusual moment of the poem

9. Use of correct grammar and punctuation marks: ! * ( ) , . ? ‘ “ ; : !

Use of correct grammar and correct punctuation marks in always necessary. If not used properly, it can change the meaning of the entire line or story.

10. An appropriate ending:

The poem must have an appropriate ending depending on the story, without which the story cannot be completed. Before ending a story it should be seen that there is a proper beginning, middle which includes the climax and then The End!

Have you tried these Painting Techniques?

As we say painting, a glimpse of canvas, paints and brushes come to our mind. But here are few techniques that most of us are unaware of. Adding to the commonly used painting techniques, following are the few techniques we would like to share with everyone. Everyone can try out these amazing techniques.

1. Spray Painting: It requires only spray colors paints. There is absolutely no use of paint brushes and paints. Spray painting can be done anywhere- canvas, objects or walls. Use of shaped objects and a cloth is necessary for neat and fine painting.


2. One Stroke Painting: A beautiful art/ technique wherein the paint brush is loaded with two colors at each end which will give a shaded and highlighted effect to the painting in one stroke.


3. Pour/ Drip Painting: It is a technique wherein no painting tools are used. The paint is simply poured and dripped on and object or canvas. It results in a piece of art in which the colors are blended with each other which gives a unique expression.


4. Splatter Painting: Very easy to do, fun and messy technique. . It is more a kind of an abstract expression where the paint is just splattered on the canvas or it could be done on walls as well. A brush or a mug is loaded with paints and splashed or splattered on the walls or canvas.


5. Silhouette: It is a representation of a person, animal, object or a scene that is black filled. A piece of paper is given shape of the subject, painted black and stuck on the canvas, also you can simply paint the object black in the end. The background is then given multiple colours as per required and then the black cutting is slowly removed.


Where these techniques are definitely a worth try over traditional forms of art, you can also send us few of them if you have tried. Also check out our Fine Arts Contest “Nature on Canvas”

Why you should write in हिन्दी when you are writing in Hindi

Hindi – the mother tongue of India is trying real hard to not loose grip of its roots. Thanks to all the writers who still prefer Hindi as their medium of expression but with the rising advent of technology, every gadget by default in English and the ease with our QWERTY keyboards sometimes does major damage to our Hindi manifestation . Roman Hindi is the new “Cool” way of writing things in a jiffy and call it an artwork! If we were to write Hindi also using English words, why were all these dedicated fonts created in MS word or Google translate was conceived?


Let’s understand why we should use only appropriate fonts for any language that we use to write it:

1. You know its hindi in the first look Using the appropriate font (for e.g Mangal for Hindi) is the best way to write in a dedicated language. At least you don’t go all the near to the write up piece and then feel ditched, realizing its Hindi written using English- let’s not do that!

2. Correct Pronunciation You might have wanted to write something else when in the lieu of spelling it in English and adding the tadka of sms lingo, the original meaning of the word absolutely flips. Better if you want people to read it the way you have written it, use Hindi font. This way those who are reading hindi will understand hindi only and not Hebrew.

3. Devnagri Script Hindi as we widely know originates form Devnagri Script. And Hindi is an amalgam of many languages which includes Sanskrit, urdu and even a couple of English words. Using appropriate font will also reflect your overall commitment to that language you chose to write your feelings in. Being a writer, let’s have some personal ethical standards

4. Easy to read

Anyone choosing to read in Hindi will also definitely be able to understand it in Hindi font. Don’t think that if you write in Roman Hindi, intelligibility will be better, No it doesn’t work like that. If you want to attract the right people to your write- up , use the right font

Note: You can either download Mangal font on your MS word or just go online to Google Transliteration and type out in your favorite Roman Hindi and it will give you the Hindi Font.

Let’s give each language their due respect by using the font they are married to!!

YATRI Theater Festival- 36 Years of a Journey!

What Tumbhi does online, Yatri follows similar steps but on-ground: And that’s what brings Tumbhi and Yatri together in this splendid handshake!!


Yatri a theater group, found by Om Katare in 1979 to provide wholesome and meaningful entertainment to the theatre audience completed 36 glorious years this January 2015 and Yatri Rang Mahostsav: A week-long series of the most-famous and successful plays by Yatri group – was what happened at the renowned Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai. A glittering evening studded with a sense of achievement, dhol, dance and laughter saw the founder of – Mr. LC Singh lighting the lamp for opening the Mahotsav.

Paromita Chatterjee and Ashok Sharma: the prominent names and performers of the Yatra family were omnipresent – keeping an eye on the event and another on their own performances! The festival which had five plays with 17 shows didn’t just entertain people but also delivered powerful social messages. What made the event more grand was its LIVE telecast on National Sahyadri Channel. Those who watched it must have definitely got a slice of all the dedication towards art involved.


Note: Yatri group in association with Tumbhi does KHULA MANCH, first Saturday of every month. It’s an open platform for artists to face the audience and share their art. There is no fee involved for participate- check more details here


We think of skits/theatre/plays and a picture of lot of people/actors delivering intense dialogues, conveying a story in front of live audience comes before the eyes. Plays are mostly Team Works but it isn’t limited to just here, there are One Man Shows and a few of them got brilliant only because of their sole sailor.
We are talking about acts which involve only a single person, conveying the story all by himself on the stage!! So here we are going to enlist a few genres of theater which surely are a One Man Show up there beneath the spotlights!

1. Monologues

A monologue is presented by a single character, most often to express their mental thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience. It’s basically talking to oneself but aloud, in the form of rhythm or speech. Monologues can include poems or epiphanies and are mainly included as part of an act to make the audiences aware with the mental situation of the character in play.

Monologue is mainly used for auditioning purposes for theatre and is therefore, the key for getting into this acting business.

2. One Act Plays

A one-act play, as the name suggests, is a play that takes place, from beginning to end, in a single act.

Full length plays are usually between 2 to 5 acts in length. But this one happens in one go! What makes good one-act plays deceptively tricky to write is that the entire concept is delivered within a very short timeframe, normally of ten minutes duration. While one-act plays have only one act, they can contain more than one scene. However the number of characters played by the actor could be more than one.

In recent years, the 10-minute play known as “flash drama” has emerged as a popular subgenre of the one-act play, especially in writing competitions.

In ancient Greece, Cyclops, a satyr play by Euripides, is an early example.

3. Extempore

“Extempore” or “ex tempore” is a legal term that means ‘at the time’. It refers to a stage or theater performance that is carried out without preparation or forethought. Most often the term is used in the context of speech, singing and stage acting wherein the actor is not given the time to prepare the act and he has to perform on the go! Mostly used in competitions it is a surprising branch of theatre.

4. Improv

Improvisational theatre, often called improv or impro, is a form of theater where most or all of what is performed is created at the moment! In its purest form, the dialogue, the action, the story and the characters are created collaboratively by the player(s) as the improvisation unfolds in present time, without use of an already prepared, written script.

Improvisation can be thought of as an “on the spot” or “off the cuff” spontaneous moment of sudden inventiveness that can just come to mind, body and spirit as an inspiration. No preparation or training is needed. However, improvisation in any life or art form can occur more often if it is practiced as a way of encouraging creative behavior. That practice includes learning to use one’s intuition, as well as learning a technical understanding of the necessary skills and concerns within the domain in which one is improvising. This can result in the invention of new thought patterns, new practices, new structures or symbols, and/or new ways to act.

5. Monodrama or One Person Show

A monodrama is a theatrical or operatic piece played by a single actor, usually portraying one character.

The typical length for a one-person show is one act or setting. The audience catches a glimpse into the psyche and life of a single character, but does not get to see that character interact with others. Some parallels to the genre exist in movie and television scripts, where single characters are seen contemplating their lives and decisions. In the typical solo play, the character’s experience may involve the resolution of a conflict, may show development of the character, or may be used to explore a theme the author wishes to convey to the audience.

The largest solo theater festival in the world, United Solo takes place annually in New York City at Theatre Row.


Enhance Your Own Photography Portfolio, Just by Adding a Wedding to it!

Weddings are a grand affair, not just for the couple getting married, but for all the others who have put in much time and effort to make the event a successful, joyous and a memorable one. A photographer does the most basic and significant job there – capturing those extraordinary moments and in the most beautiful way possible!

We here will tell you how by capturing a wedding, you enrich your portfolio in so many different photography categories

1. Candid Photography – A wedding is full of emotions and all sorts of emotions – right from nervousness on the bride’s face to a cold feet groom, a teary eyed set of bride’s parents to a totally frolic bunch of friends , you as a photographer can capture all these emotions under the Candid Photography label.

Photo by – Zainab Malubhai #TumbhiArtist

2. Culture Photography – The very recent genre in photography could very well be enhanced in your portfolio with a few wedding snippets attached to it. No matter which part of the world it is, every wedding is a portrayal of the culture, customs and rituals of the community. Customs and ceremonies happening in a wedding could very well be used to represent a specific region and its people.

Photo by – Harsh #TumbhiArtist

3. Heritage Photography – Destination weddings is your answer to this one! With more and more couples choosing to be wed at some scenic place, your portfolio can encompass places and backgrounds of heritage value. You can be clever, reach a little before the scheduled time of the couple shoot and get few snippets for your own collection!! Win-win situation, isn’t it?

Photo by – Sharik Verma #TumbhiArtist

4. Portrait Photography – This HAS to be the most important component of any photography portfolio. A wedding offers a wide range of willing posers in the best of their attires and even wider range of random shots which just make it to the best of your Portraits captured ever! Apart from the bride and the groom, there are adorable kids, gracefully wrinkled clan, the help and even the flower guy! Anyone can give you that “Your best portrait till date”- so, do look around and get the best while you can!

Photo by – Sudipto Das#TumbhiArtist

5. Experimental Photography – If you are a little bored, or feeling productive or are made to wait before you begin shooting the main subjects, look around and have some weird fun with your camera. You can experiment with anything and everything – it only depends on high your imagination is soaring at the moment. Food, forks, objects, shoes- it could be just anything.

Photo by – Vishal Batheja #TumbhiArtist

After this quick and clever read, if you still have some time on hand, check out our Expressions: Wedding Photography Special 2014 and send in your own awesome wedding captures!!

Merry Clicking!

5 Most Celebrated Festivals Around the World

As we announced Tumbhi’s Photography Contest – Festivals, we looked for the wonderful festivals celebrated around the world. Here is Tumbhi’s pick of 5 most celebrated festivals around the world.

Pingxi Lantern Festival, Taiwan

The Sky Lantern Festival lasts from the 12th till 15th of the Lunar New Year. During this period more than 100,000 hot air balloons decorate the sky. Pingxi is a remote mountain town which is an hour-long drive from Taipei.

It is said that this festival originated around two thousand years ago. Made out of oiled rice paper, bamboo filaments, sheepskin, silk, or satin, the lanterns have a large candle at the bottom. With the heat of the lamp, the lantern linger in the air.

The most prominent activity for the attendees there is to buy a lantern, write their desires and ambitions on it and then send it into the heavens!

Diwali, India

The 5-day Diwali festival is the biggest festival in India and is time for celebrations and joy. It is the festival of lights, fireworks, mouthwatering delicacies and colored sand. Diwali also marks the end of harvest season in India. People worship the goddess Lakshmi, which is the goddess of beauty, wealth and prosperity because people believe that her worship will bring them good fortune.

This festival of light represents the triumph of good over evil.

Harbin Ice Festival, China

Officially, the Harbin Ice Festival starts on Jan 5th and lasts for a month. Harbin is located in Northeast China and the direct influence of cold winter wind from Siberia helps in this festival. During this time, the whole city is decorated with ice sculptures. It is the largest Ice festival in the world and is said to be photographers’ paradise.

It starts in a grand manner with a huge fireworks display. During the closing time in February, the visitors get a chance to smash the sculptures with ice picks.

More than 800,000 visitors visit Harbin during the festival.

New Year Celebrations in Sydney Harbour

New Year Celebrations are held every year over Sydney Harbour centering on the Harbour Bridge. Each year, the event has a new theme and is viewed by one million people at the harbor and one billion worldwide for the televised display. The two main features are the two pyrotechnic displays – 9pm Family Fireworks and Midnight Fireworks which are synchronized to a soundtrack.

Presented by The City of Sydney Council, this festival is a must watch on the New Year Eve.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, New Mexico


This largest hot air balloon festival in the world, is a yearly festival of hot air balloons happening during early October over a period of nine days. The festival happens in Albuquerque because of the just right temperature it offers during morning and evening. The right combination of weather and geography give the balloonists great control over their balloons and makes Albuquerque a great place to launch hundreds of balloons. With its great safety records, this is the only Balloon event where attendees and viewers can walk among the balloons.

While the Balloon Fiesta Park is spread over 360 acres, the size of the launch field is 78 acres – equivalent to the size of 56 football fields!

So here is our pick and we do know that there are thousands of such great festivals happening around the year in different parts of the world. Take a clue, capture great festive moments and send in your entries in the contest.