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Tips for writing a Narrative Poem

A narrative poetry is one that tells or depicts a story.

Elements for a Narrative Poem –

1. A catchy title:

The reader first comes across the title, if the title is attractive and catchy he will read it further. If not, he might just skip your poem and will not be interested to read further. Therefore to create interest, one must first start with a catchy title. The main Key word from the poem can be used as a title in a more descriptive form.

2. Should tell a story:

Narrative poetry in itself is a poem that tells a story. One must think deeply about a perfect story which maybe imaginary or for real.

3. Must have a character:

Every story has a main character and other characters. Similarly characters must be included in this

Type of poetry. There can be one character or number of characters depending on the story to be narrated.

4. It need not be in a rhythmic form:

It is not always necessary that the poem must be in rhythm. Narrative poems need not be in a rhythmic form. The only thing that must be taken care of is that the poem is in sync.

5. Length of the poem doesn’t matter:

A poem is usually short, but narrative poems can be as long as possible. The length of the poem doesn’t really matter, all that matters is that it should be in a poem format.

6. Make sure, the story has an attractive beginning, middle and the end:

To make the readers aware and to attract them, the beginning of the poem must be attractive and impressive. It should also have the middle and end part which includes a climax or the main purpose of telling the story.

7. Identify and make sure the speaker of the poem:

Speaker basically means, the narrator of the poem.

Person who is telling the story. This does not include the characters of the poem/ Story.

8. Try to include an unusual moment in the poem that will attract readers:

This simply means the climax of the story. Like and dislike of the poem depends on the story and the main subject of the story. Hence, writers should mainly focus on the unusual moment of the poem

9. Use of correct grammar and punctuation marks: ! * ( ) , . ? ‘ “ ; : !

Use of correct grammar and correct punctuation marks in always necessary. If not used properly, it can change the meaning of the entire line or story.

10. An appropriate ending:

The poem must have an appropriate ending depending on the story, without which the story cannot be completed. Before ending a story it should be seen that there is a proper beginning, middle which includes the climax and then The End!