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TumbhiMall @JJ School of Arts, Mumbai #AnnualFest

Sir JJ School of Art- with more than 150 years of history sprawling around famous name son the art world, a building housing all the great talent itself counted as a Heritage of India and which has contributed immensely to the Art Scene of India and International – needs no further introduction.

JJ, which conducts its famous Art Festival every year which sees World fame Artists will open its gates this year on 17th Feb 2016 and Tumbhi made its presence felt out there by offering opportunities to young artists to Sell Their Art!

Young JJ Artists queue up to register themselves as sellers on TubmhiMall

And our first Seller on-board!

And it was so amazing to see Artists already using our gifts, even created a beautiful sketch in matter of no time and waved the books all together! #woah

After the amazing response received at JJ School, we urge you too to register as seller and commercialize your art! Visit and start selling NOW!

Attending a Photography Workshop? Read this!

The world is evolving very fast and there is something new to learn every day. An interactive workshop offers one of the opportunities to learn from experts and connect with some passionate photographers.

Talking about Photography, in recent times, there has been a surge of photography workshops – online, in classrooms as well as on the field. The choice can leave you confused and make it difficult to choose the one which best fits your requirements. And even after choosing the best workshop, its finally up to you to make the best of it.

So here we thought that we can put together a small checklist to help you get maximum from your photography workshop:

#1: Check the Syllabus

You don’t want to get into a workshop and realize that you are already an expert at what is being taught at the workshop. When you decide to attend a workshop, decide on a particular topic or skill you would like to know about and learn. And when you do your search for a suitable workshop, have a close look at the syllabus and be sure that you will learn something new. In case of any questions about the syllabus, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the organizers and know the details.

#2: Review the Instructor and Feedback

It is important that the instructor is not only knowledgeable but also is a veteran in teaching. Check how long he / she has been taking workshops and instructing. Gather feedback and confirm that the instructor holds credibility.

#3: Knows the Costs

Be sure that you know what all is included in the costs of the workshop and more importantly, what is not included. You are attending a workshop to learn and there should not be any unwanted distractions while you are attending that. Have a complete clarity beforehand so that you are better prepared.

#4: Be active, ask questions and clarify your doubts

Once you are in the workshop, make sure that you are very active. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Feel free to clarify your doubts – no matter how trivial they may sound. By asking questions and discussing, you are also helping others in learning more.

#5: Make your notes

Make notes of all the new things you learn at the workshop. These notes can come handy when you want to revise something post the workshop and try out the learning practically.

#6: Connect with fellow participants

You learn a lot through collaboration and that can happen only when you connect with the fellow participants, initiate discussions with them and facilitate brainstorming. If possible, connect with the participants before the workshop and start discussing the topics which are going to be taught at the workshop. That will help you know if you need to learn something or hone some skills before the workshop to be able to get the most from it. Even after the workshop, be in touch with fellow participants. That is your audience for bouncing ideas and getting feedback on your work anytime in future.

#7: Share Your Experiences

Leverage the true spirit of social media and share your experiences and learning through Blog/ Facebook/ Twitter or whichever way you feel comfortable. Sharing your experiences and knowledge will help you enhance what you have learnt at the workshop, build on it and further improve.

Expressions- Tumbhi’s Digital Photography Workshop

In row to the last photography workshop organized by Tumbhi, this time it was bigger and better- out there in the green mushy fields of Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani – with big cameras packed in bags and enthusiasm trolling high in the spirits!

“Expressions”- Tumbhi’s first outdoor Digital Photography Workshop was a close call for 15 amateur but enthusiastic photographers. A two-day trip planned for learning basics of Digital photography along with tremendous outdoor adventure.

Under the veteran gaze of Mr. LC Singh (an established Nature and Wildlife photographer cum trainer and Founder of, 15 cameras captured the valleys in different frames, in different fashions and reflections.

The workshop started with an overview and detailed explanation of minute but extremely important basics like Holding the camera- thereby explaining perspective, vertical holding, positioning and Breathing out.

Moving onto the more creative aspect of making a photograph, the concept of Composition was explained with a few principles like Rule of one third, presence of human element in the picture, clutter and contrast management just before you press the click button!


Classroom Sessions

In the classroom sessions, which were held mostly during the wee hours of enormous sunlight when photos couldn’t be clicked, participants were given elaborate lessons on using Lightroom! For this Tumbhi team already made sure that each participant had light room downloaded in their machines.

On-field Photography

Sharp pictures and Focusing were explained with hands on click and learn mechanism where the participants clicked pictures and got instant feedback thereby getting an exact idea of where they missed the perfection and how could they have made it better!

But a photograph is not just made when clicked-it has to be polished to be able to tell your story! Mr. LC Singh went on explaining the utter importance of processing an image and in the right manner – so as to make it convey the emotion hidden in it!


A post processed photograph

And amidst all the learning and clicking, which could not be explained here, was the amazing experience and fun the participants had while being out there- making it bigger and better!

Also listing down a few testimonials from the participants of the workshop!!

Ashutosh- “It gave me a chance to take a closer look at my camera settings and learnt how best I can use them for a more satisfying experience of photography. I must admit, I knew very less about my camera before the workshop Post processing lessons were a delight.”

Bhushan- “This workshop was not just an avenue to learn about photography, but also one where I was able to connect with other like-minded individuals to collectively enhance skills.”


Face-to-face with Irshad Kamil on Poetry & Writing

When a great Poet even talks casually, audiences get to hear sheer Poetry!

Something alike happened when Irshad Kamil took the mic to talk ‘casually’ about Poetry, writing and hosted a poetic event very recently where all the artists- at- heart (writers, Photographers, filmmakers) got together to make it a memorable evening of shero-shayari and bliss!


Excerpts from Irshad Kamil’s own words:

“What it takes to be a writer

There is a certified course for everything, to be a doctor, an engineer or for that matter even a journalist but a writer has a different set of qualifications. A writer’s lesson lies rooted deep within himself! It’s his life experiences which happen on his outside and simulates certain sentiments on his inside. A writer is different in terms of his nature, habits, his ability to understand things and the power of expression. If Tumbhi is trying to protect, support this sensitive breed, then there couldn’t be a better attempt to the field of art.

The underlying hope

When a writer sends his poem/story to an editor for publication, he also sends in a returns stamped envelope! He has written those lines with great feelings and passion and if that poem/story comes back to him, there isn’t a worse feeling! I wanted to get along with Tumbhi for their attempt to understand these sentiments of writers! Being the jury for Tumbhi’s last Poetry contest, I came across not less than 1000 entries. Anybody having a look at those poems could say they were not perfect but there was a huge hope underlying, understanding which was the most important thing.

Writing is talking

Writing is more of a meditation; it’s similar to talking to yourself without any interruptions. Like it happens when in a journey where you don’t know where the road is leading, its dark and lonely, if there is somebody walking ahead of you, the journey is no more a nightmare! I only wish to be that light of hope for the budding talent chasing their dreams!

I would also appeal to my fellow writers who have already achieved something in life, to join hands with a cause like this to create a better army of the writers!

For all those who want to pursue writing as their everything in their lives, Tumbhi and myself , are here to take you on hands and give our level best to take you somewhere in your life!!”


Want to hear Irshad Kamil speaking, have a look at this video.

About Irshad Kamil

A profound and celebrated poet and lyricist, Irshad Kamil has his pen associated with many popular bollywood songs, both romantic and sufi. He climbed new heights of fame with the recent blockbuster movie “Rockstar” and also won several awards in conjugation. A modest and humble being, Irshad ji is and just, a true Poet at heart!

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