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Yatri Festival Passes to Win

Here is a great chance for you to win Free passes to “Yatri Festival” at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai

It is very simple:
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– Go to our Facebook page and tell us what are the 2-3 things you love about Tumbhi and its new look

3 selected Entries will get passes for Yatri’s 500th screening of its popular play – ‘Hadh Kar Di Apne’ on 26th Jan. (couples allowed on one pass)

3 selected Entries will get passes for the hilarious comedy drama – Raavanleela on 27th Jan. (couples allowed on one pass)

Hurry, contest is open only till 25th January 4:00 PM IST. Winners will be announced on 25th Jan

For more details about Yatri Festival and its schedule, click here.

Applauses Captured!

In each of us is hidden a Story teller, one who loves to open up new windows to the world, looks up beyond the horizons and dreams in the day just to mar a virgin sheet of paper with a fantastic fable. Tumbhi came up with a Short Story Writing Contest called “Somewhere Sometime” to catch hold of such beautiful birds of imagination with only one string of condition attached, i.e. the story was required to have a twist.



Each entry was individually analyzed by the jury which comprised of Kiran Khalap (author, Brand Consultant and founder of Chlorophyll Brand & Communications Consultancy); Javed Siddiqui (urdu and hindi screenwriter, dialogue writer and playwright form India, he has written over 50 storylines, screenplays and dialogues which comprises of films like DDLJ, Umraao Jaan, Taal, Pardes, Raja Hindustani and many more); and Pankaj Shukla (a film critic, a senior journalist, a book reviewer, writer, director, and a keen traveler).

Beautiful captures of visionary pieces were tracked and judges could only give some to-be-remembered-forever remarks on the entries.

The entries were judged on the basis of 4 criteria: Plot, Narrative, Language and Twist .They were looking for a perfect balance of idea and execution along with the compulsory flawless of the language used.

Although the expectations made are seldom defeated, the jury was able to make some concrete remarkes on the quality of the entries that poured in .

Following the criteria trail, the remarks are as under:

Plot: Basically considered as the idea of the story, the plan wherein all the events of the story fall in certain sequence. Some of the entries were quite surprising with their plots with good build ups and imagery. The feel was remarkable at some reading points. Some stories also came up with slight moral reflection and subtle humor which was highly admired
Narrative: what the reader sees and hears of what happens – and how he sees and hears it. The Hindi entries were almost flawless in their narration. Although a much higher level of good narrative by the use of quality dialogues was expected which was missing.
Language: The words weaving and unfolding the events in the story need to be carefully chosen in terms of their tone and elegancy. A couple of the English ones were quite poor in their use of language with the extensive usage of sms language and not-so-decent words although the Hindi stories stil scored some decent points in this respect.
Twist-in-the-tale: The surprise element in the story which changes the course of the events and takes it to a new climax, something which is not predictable by the reader. Many of the writers used GHOSTS as the only object of Twist which was kind of predictable. The twists could have been much twistier with more element of surprise in it. Because ofcourse there could be many more surprising things than ghosts alone 🙂

Tumbhi team expects the writers who participated and got a chance to run their artworks under such veterans of the writing world will surely benefit from such valuable feedback!!

Closing the chapters: “Somewhere Sometime”

he Short Story Writing Contest





Stories happen all the time in our lives, it’s just that only some of us make the efforts to actually pen them down and thus shelf them forever.
Tumbhi organized a Short Story writing contest with the motive of taking out those diaries of confessions and expressions from people’s lives, get them framed, have them exposed and thus being appreciated. The only condition posed before the writers was the inclusion of “Twist in the tale”, I.e. the stories invited had to have a sudden turn or element of surprise in them!

As very much expected from the ‘writer’s breed’ all across the world, the stories came in all the ways they could, with all the tangs of life, love, relationships, thriller, emotions, tragedy and what not.

The quality of the entries was worth exploring and enjoying by the jury which included names like Javed Siddiqui (Urdu and Hindi screenwriter, dialogue writer and playwright from India, written over 50 story lines, screenplays and dialogues), Pankaj Shukla (A Film Critic, a Senior Journalist , a Book Reviewer, a Writer and a Director) and Kiran Khalap (Author, brand consultant and founder of Chlorophyll brand & communications consultancy).

After days of reading, the jury finally managed to take out the top 25 among the so many few!
Tumbhi team takes pride to congratulate all 25 writers and their stories, who made it to the shortlists plus a huge applause for the writers who ‘even tried’ because Success is not always counted by the result but by the effort!

Here are the Super 25 Shortlists of ‘Sometime Somewhere’ Contest:

Artist Name Story Title
Abhishek Saurabh The Message
Aditya Singh The Servants
Afshan Shaik Rendezvous at Insync
Amogha Reddappa A step forward
Amogha Reddappa The unseen rendezvous
Arpa Mukherjee Adnama
Assad Khan Blind
Banu Dai Love untold
Chandan Kumar The deadly prank
Chandru Bhojwani Saya
Deepti Mittal Reet par khichi lakeer
Ekta Patel Silent Witness
Harrosh Manoharan The note
Jerremy Spurgin The great mysterious
Jesse Raine Getting out there
Kanhaiya Bairwa Somewhere sometime
Majid Bazmi Akela
Mayuresh Kanvinde The strange case
Nikhil Srivastava Vada story
Renuka Vishwanathan The lone wolf
Sanjay Verma Durghatna
Sriparna Saha End of an affair
Vandana Kumari Jena If the truth be told
Vandana Kumari Jena Judge not
Vibha Batra The survivor
Many more pages are yet to be turned; the course of time will bring newer horizons!!

Once again Congratulations everybody!!

Expressions 2012 – Nature and Wildlife Photography Contest

Tumbhi’s Expressions – Photography Contest is back – this time with the theme of Nature and Wildlife.

Inviting worldwide photographers to send their best Nature and Wildlife photos.

We welcome here, anything you find beautiful in these categories. This may include landscapes, seascapes, orange sunrises, golden sunsets, wild-remote-vivid places, stars and moons, dark or fair clouds , animals beautiful in their own way of violence or innocence, their mating or fighting, the flying birds or the new born chicks, beaks or wings, ants or whales, anything natural and admirable!

The winners of this contest will be chosen by eminent Wildlife photographer – Sunjoy Monga.

And there are prizes too! The winner gets a Samsung Mobile and the runner up gets a Sony Digital Photo Frame.

What are you waiting for? Send in your entries NOW!! Entry is absolutely FREE!!

Contest Date: 5th March 2012 to 5th April 2012
Super 25 Shortlists Announcement: 30th April 2012
Winners Announcement: 10th May 2012

नादान परिंदे अब नादान नहीं रहे!

Nadaan Parindey announces its final winners

One of the most awaited, magnetic and magical poetry contest “Nadaan Parindey” by Tumbhi ends today thereby gladly declaring the final results for the same.

The proud winners are Sweksha Bhagat for “Potli” (1st prize) and Vikram Singh Bathyal for “Ek Sapna”(2nd prize)

Team Tumbhi hasn’t got any further comments for the winners except attaching the entire letter written by Master Irshad Kamil himself for the top two winning poems.

नादान परिंदे प्रतियोगिता की 163 नंबर कविता “पोटली” प्रथम स्थान की हक़दार है. इस कविता के ज़रिये कवित्री स्वेच्छा भगत ने जहाँ बीते दिनों के गलियारों में झाँका है वहीँ आज के युग और बीते युग की तुलना भी की है, और इस तुलना में “क्या खोया और क्या पाया” का एहसास है. वैज्ञानिक प्रगति ने भावबोध को और भावनात्मक बंधनों को एक ऐसे मोड़ पर लाकर खड़ा कर दिया है जहाँ इंसान न चाहते हुए भी किसी सीमा तक स्वार्थी होने के लिए मजबूर है. जहाँ फ़ोन नंबरों का याद रहना रिश्तों के गाढ़ेपन का प्रतीक है वहीँ एस एम् एस करने को भी काम समझना रिश्तों की औपचारिकता को बयान करता है. आम बोलचाल की भाषा का इस्तेमाल करते हुए कवित्री ने दिन-प्रतिदिन के प्रतीक और बिम्ब लेकर एक गहरी कविता लिखी है.

इस प्रतियोगिता में दूसरे स्थान पर रहने वाली कविता विक्रम सिंह बथ्याल की “एक सपना” [क्रम सं.१७०] है. इसे दूसरा स्थान देने के दो कारण हैं, पहला ये कि कविता समसामियक ज्वलंत विषय पर आधारित है, और दूसरा किसी पुरुष कवि का ऐसे विषय पर कलम उठाना भी सराहनीय है. जिस तरह से कविता का रचाव हुआ है वो भी पाठक को कविता के अंत तक आते आते एक सुखद अचम्भा देता है लेकिन साथ ही ‘ममता की छाँव में मैंने देखा है एक सपना’ पंक्ति का बार बार आना खलता भी है और विषय की गहराई को थोडा उथला भी कर देता है. अगर इस पंक्ति को सिर्फ आरम्भ और अंत में ही रखा जाये तो कविता ज़्यादा असर छोड़ेगी ऐसा मेरा मानना है. इस ज़रा सी कमी के बावजूद अपने विषय और विषय की अप्रोच के कारण इसका दूसरा स्थान बनता है.

मेरी तरफ से दोनों कवियों को ढेरों बधाइयाँ और दुआएं, अल्लाह करे ज़ोर-ए-कलम और ज़्यादा.

इरशाद कामिल

This letter is more than Self explanatory! Heartiest congratulations to both and the other 23 poets whose pen made it to “Super 25” of the Nadaan Parindey Contest.

You Rock!

Somewhere Sometime- Short Story Writing Contest

We all go through so many incidents in our lives and thus have so many things to remember, recall, record and share with our near and dear ones. Meeting somebody new, facing a challenge, realizing a dream, achieving something big, doing so many things for the first time in life…we all are filled up with a lot of stories within ourselves! And if in case we are not filled up, then this writer sitting in us imagines, dreams, ideates so many new different fictional stories.

Stories become a way to explore a person and if you want to explore the real person in you, pick a paper, grab a pen and write down a Short Story for this contest called “Sometime Somewhere”.

Ensure that the story has a Twist and send it to us to win nothing else but an absolutely adorable Kindle 3G!

Last date of submission : 29th Feb 2012

Check out the details at

Tumbhi’s Super 25 Nadaan Parindey Announced





Last month Tumbhi announced ‘Nadaan Parindey’ poetry writing contest to give a chance to all the artists at heart to showcase their poetic senses in form of words.

We received thousands of entries from finest poets and lyricists. Our panel of judges comprising of Irshad Kamil, Tehseen Munawer and Nilay Upadhyay was truly elated to see such fascinating entries from participants worldwide. This contest accepted entries in Hindi language with allowed use of Urdu, Persian or Arabic words.

We are glad to announce the ‘Super 25’ Shortlists.

The Super 25 Poets are (in alphabetical order of name):

Sr. No Poet Poem
1 Aditya Singh Jawab tab milte hain , jab sawal kho gaye
2 Alim U khan Dosti dushmani se achhi hai
3 Anand Tambey Yakeen
4 Anil Jain Dohe
5 Anu Priya Prem
6 Arpit Mishra Dhoop abb ayi hai
7 Balendu kumar Dwiwedi Vo Pehli Mohabbat
8 Dhananjay Kumar Singh Maine kaha ae zindagi
9 Divya Prakash Duvey Kya likhun
10 Dr. Amit Sundriyal Sab behes bekar hai , ab vaar hona chahiye
11 Gajendra Shrotriya Ghazal
12 Gayatri Manchanda Dararen
13 Haya Khan Muqaddas Jaisey Saheefa Si
14 Heena Ansari Teri baton ke rang
15 Karunik Zutshi Maa ne fir se bhook pakai hai
16 Mohit Goswami Rubai
17 Mugdha Wagh Azaab
18 Nasreen Bano Aise barsi hain ankhiyan
19 Reetesh Khare Ek sihran
20 Snehveer Gosain Neendon ke darwaze
21 Sumit Saxena Purani diary
22 Sunny Kumar Tohe gale se lagaun
23 Swapnil Tiwari Udaas sa vo kaun tha
24 Sweksha Bhagat Potli
25 Vikram Bathyal Ek sapna
We are announcing the entries from all these poets every day. You can have a look at those at

Stay tuned with us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates!

Photographers Express Themselves through Expressions





Tumbhi had organized an online photography contest, Expressions. Entries were invited from photographers worldwide in specific categories like Nature, Festival, Portrait, Heritage and Travel. There are two awards for this contest: a) Viewer’s Choice Award (based on number of views, likes and rating for a picture) and b) Critic’s Choice (based on judges’ evaluation).

We received thousands of entries and all the entries were amazing. That goes on to show the immense talent which is waiting to be explored and tapped.

Our judges went through each and every entry and announced a list of 25 shortlisted entries. The judges chose the shortlist purely based on the quality of the photo. The photographer’s name or any other details were not provided to the judges during the shortlist.

The winner for the Critic’s choice award will be chosen from these shortlisted entries.

The entries by following photographers made it to the “Super 25” list (in alphabetical order):

Anastasija Mysko
Arnold Ochman
Felicia Simion
Gopal Bhattacharjee
Hoang Long Ly (3 entries)
John myers
Kaushik Majumder
Kelsey Dayberry
Kyaw Kyaw Winn
Marcus Westberg
Naser Mousavi
Peter Gordon
Subrata Biswas
Sudipto Das (7 entries)
Vitaly Markov

To have a look at the actual photos which made it to Super 25, visit

Congratulations to all the shortlisted photographers. It is a great achievement to be in top 25 among thousands of entries!

Winner Announcement for Goonj – Tumbhi Music Contest

Thank you for your wonderful response to the Goonj Music Contest organised by Tumbhi. We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the artists and to see the talent!

Our judges looked at the entries. While all the entries were good, we had to choose one winner J

And the winner is….Join us in congratulating Zinnia Mukherjee for winning this competition!! Zinnia is a brilliant singer from Calcutta who likes to sing mostly English songs. Her portfolio is available on with the name Kamolika.

Congratulations Zinnia once again and good luck!