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Invade in Fashion Industry in style!

Say fashion and all that comes to mind are hot models walking on ramp or super amazing designs on paper. Well that’s not all. With the new era set in, the jobs have diversified, so much so, that you can do a lot more and all related to fashion!

Enlisting a few leisure pursuits that you can take up at the entry level in this glittery Fashion industry:

1. Mystery Shopper

A Mystery Shopper is sent to an outlet to purchase particular items or observe specific aspects about a company’s product or service offerings. In the process of a Mystery Shopping assignment, you are required to make note of very specific elements of your entire experience, be it about products or services.

It’s basically pretending to be a genuine customer thus gathering a sincere feedback on the products and services quality of a particular organization.
After you have completed your assignment, you are required to fill out a detailed questionnaire providing answers to all the things you noticed when you went shopping. Did the waiter serve you within 5 minutes of being there? Did a shop assistant inform you about the special discount offer that month? For filling out answers to questions like these, and for going undetected in the store, you will be paid a fee for your Mystery Shopping services.

And how cool is that?


2. Fashion Consultant

A Fashion Consultant functions as your personal stylist. They help people to choose and assemble clothing in order to put together a look as per the occasion for eg. Work, festival, casual etc. The client may need timeless, basic apparel to be mixed and matched or trendy accessories to update his or her style, and organizing this is usually the fashion expert’s job. They also act as “Personal Shoppers”.
Sometimes people hire consultants to update their entire style, or they may be looking for advice about one specific thing, like how to dress for an interview or a new job. These sorts of consultants are often independent, which means that they work for themselves; they can also be part of fashion consulting firms. Some department stores and clothing retailers also hire these sorts of people to help shoppers.


3. Fashion Blogger

If you have those fashionable nerves in you coupled with a Writer’s spirit, this is your Go to option! In a Fashion blog, you can write about anything and everything under the umbrella of ‘fashion’ – may it be recent trends or specific items of clothing and accessories, celebrity fashion choices or street fashion trends, you can write unedited and uncensored and voice out whatever you feel about this another major F word!!
One of the best things about blogging is—that anyone with a computer, a point-and-shoot, and an internet connection can do it
Many fashion blogs could also be categorized as shopping blogs, since “most of the conversation is shopping advice, liberally laced with consumer recommendations”. Some blogs focus more on fashion advice, featuring “how to…”-type articles. This way, their readers can learn how clothes should fit, how they should team colors and other similar information. They also focus on giving fashion insights and debate fashion-related controversies.
Just make a blog and start pouring your fashionista heart out but make sure – you are REALLY passionate about it!


4. Fashion Police

Fashion Police or Fashion Critics are the ones who evaluate people’s styles and comment on new trends and fashions. It’s basically making fun of somebody for a living. Jokes apart, Fashion police is a very responsible job in itself as it requires a deep understanding of the Fashion world and a thorough understanding of the consequences of an invalid criticism. Having said that, a critic’s job is to voice their true opinion, no strings attached

Blogs, fashion news channels, fashion magazines, film magazines, Page 3 do this job. You can very well start on your own with a blog that mainly deals with Criticism subject.


5. Digital Model

With the latest Online shopping fever, models have walked the ramps off to digital screes of devices. Any shopping business requires models in their products to be photographed and showcased so there is no dearth of modelling jobs. Also you can try your luck in modelling for catalogues of local designer boutiques.

So, don’t wait , invade in Fashion in full style!!


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