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The most ‘liked’ Photoholics

On World Photography Day, Aug 19, 2013, Tumbhi threw a small treat for Photographers on its Facebook page!

We called in photographers who have their own Photography Facebook Pages and asked them to take part in this small contest. The criteria for judgment were Overall quality of photos, number of likes and engagement on the page.


And as the story goes, all the artists love more and more appreciation. So we chose three best pages and here they are:

1. Fotonerd Photography by Ujjal Halder

12,930 likes · 1,080 talking about

From Ujjal- Driven by sheer passion, having started out as a hobbyist by casual shooting on the streets of Calcutta, have graduated to shooting semi pro now.

This page shows off portraits, street shots and wedding photographs. One also gets the glimpse of nature, wildlife and a wide mix of other photography on the page. “Click the button at the right time” is what looks like the mantra for the amazing and well-timed pictures on this page.

Check put this page to see feminine beauty – both in Goddess Durga or the beautiful Bong Brides!

2. daschu media by Daniel Schuhmacher

510 likes · 148 talking about

Fotografie, Grafikdesign & 3D-Visualisierung von Daniel Schuhmacher

This page shows off wildlife in awkward yet amazing postures, portraits with different angles , night photography with beautiful sceneries inset and landscapes.

Check out this page if you are looking for some different yet posterous photographs!

3. Savvy Gulia Photography by Savvy Gulia

706 likes · 5 talking about this

Cute animals, framed situations, heritage, vintage and experimental photographs fill this page. Beautiful brides and smiling old men add more grace to this page.

Check out this page for a mixture of but well processed photographs from all situations.

For more such mini contests join us today on our Facebook page! Happy Clicking!

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