About Tumbhi

What is Tumbhi?
Tumbhi is an online portal that seeks to transforms the lives of artists, art lovers and art seekers. It connects aspiring, patron-starved artists to suitable patrons and art lovers globally. It gives undiscovered artists around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to further spur their latent creativity. It aims to provide art lovers and art seekers access to unique, hidden talent that only the Internet can allow.

Why is Tumbhi different?
Tumbhi is different because we seek to change lives. We want to provide the artist and the art lover and art seeker with an alternative. We are highly motivated by the idea that what we are doing is, helping to change people’s lives and bring disconnected artists and art lovers together. Our aim is to reach out to artists everywhere and provide them, a platform to showcase their talent..

In today’s world it is either an accident or infinitely laborious task to become famous even if one has great talent. Tumbhi is an attempt to discover their talent, nurture it by arranging proper training and publish their quality work. Tumbhi aims to cover the entire range of arts and artistes and be known for being the most prestigious place for artistes, original art pieces and buyers/lovers of art.

What also makes Tumbhi unique is that a specialist from a team of industry experts will review every portfolio that is submitted to the portal. Portfolios that make the grade will be published on Tumbhi. That’s why, we believe, we are different. So come and enjoy the Tumbhi experience!

Who will see my portfolio?
Film producers, production companies, music companies, and composers, book publishers come to us to find you. They are constantly looking to find new artists. They are looking to find new hit songs, instrumentals and tracks for TV and film placements. Others are looking for fresh talent, stories and poems.

How does it work?
A specialist from our team of highly trained industry veterans will carefully attend/review to each and every portfolio you send us. We guarantee that the people who listen to every one of your submissions will be experts in the type of portfolio you send us.

When your portfolio makes the grade for what the expert is looking for, and is just plain great, we will publish it directly on Tumbhi. When viewers love your published portfolio they will contact us. That’s what makes Tumbhi such a powerful platform for you – you’ll always be responding to somebody who is on the prowl for your type of talent/portfolio.

So how do I begin?
The first thing you should do is to submit your portfolio. Your portfolio could consists of your photo shoot, song, acting, video, photographs, stories, paintings, poems and more. You can know about the status of your submitted portfolio in your “My Page”. My Page will also let you view & search corporate requirements, other portfolios, update your profile information and more. There is also “My showcase” page which becomes your personal webpage showcasing your portfolio. You, your friends and fans can post comments on your portfolio. This showcase page will become your identity to the corporate world.