Why You Should Not Miss S.H.O.R.T.S – 5 Reasons Tumbhi Team

SHORTS is an anthology – a collection of 5 short films, by different directors under the umbrella of the grand storyteller Anurag Kashyap!

We give you 5 honest reasons as to why to give your time, money, energy and effort to this flick!


Filmmaking – is that already inside you- as a passion, as an art and as a religion? Then you get something here! It’s about direction, script, enactment and above everything else, living that character and that story so much yourself that you exactly know what you want out of your actors when you get to shoot that film.

Watch SHORTS as a reference, as to how you can improve on your own art and make it better, look at it as an example and don’t leave even a single chance to not try ‘anything’ new in your next short film. Observe every minute move and every single thought behind that move.


If you are too much into ‘Hollywood’ now just because Bollywood still keeps going on the same league of a small town romance or may be a bold –scene-but-no-storyline types films, you should watch SHORTS. If you are looking for something ‘out of the league’ in terms of story , direction, characters and concept as a whole – SHORTS is the answer for you!

And it’s not just story we are talking about here, but the entire “art” of telling that story and telling it in a way that it gives goose bumps when you sit in that darkened theatre and watch SHORTS.

Watch it for a surprising storytelling art, fresh brains in direction and cinematography, interesting camera angles and some real diverse characters.


May be you don’t need to read further under this heading but okay , lets put it this way – You are an ardent Anurag Kashyap fan and a zealous worshipper of his art of filmmaking. We will only add- Rest Assured!

A true Anurag Kashyap praises him not only as a person but also praises his art and his style of filmmaking. SHORTS is made by talented directors -who worship Anurag themselves (just like you!) and are mentored by him. So rest you can imagine yourselves!

Watch SHORTS for an Anurag Kashyap style of movie.

#4 YOU WANT TO SEE THE BABY PICTURE ALBUMS OF Huma Qureshi, Richa Chadda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui

When celebrities aren’t famous , they start with smaller roles , in ads or may be short films. Through these smaller roles and appearances, they grow themselves, become famous and one day become celebrities. SHORTS shares kind of similar story.

Many of todays’ famous celebrities like Huma Qureshi, Richa Chadda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vineet Singh are part of SHORTS. You have seen these famous faces in other movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Kahani and so on, now see them in SHORTS and enjoy it as a kind of the baby picture album of these actor’s career lives.

Watch SHORTS to watch the earlier, realistic and absolutely fantastic screen versions of Huma, Richa, Nawazuddin, Vineet and others.


Yes, dreams come true – in real lives too.

SHORTS is not a collection of different short films. There is a bigger story behind it. Tumbhi had organized a scriptwriting contest in May 2011 and the winning scripts were promised to be converted into a short films. 3 of SHORTS films are works by Tumbhi Artists- their scripts, their filmmaking art.

Watch SHORTS to eye witness how miracles actually happen in real life, what it like is to see your dream come true and that all this doesn’t just happen in Bollywood films! It’s real!!


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