You have walls, we have Art

Home is one space that we own, and reflect ourselves, a bit of our personality in our walls. There is nothing better than art to make those walls of your abode come alive. Here is a little light based on your personality for bringing the perfect art home

Personality Types

1. The Geek

A handmade bookshelf can be your artwork. And more importantly don’t look at the bookshelf only as a space for your favorite books but also small folk art figurines can go pretty well there.

2. The Musician


                                                         “Sitar Player” by #TumbhiMallArtist – Gajanan Dandekar

We suggest Art Prints and Posters of your favorite musicians, handmade sketches nicely framed or minimalist paintings of the kind of musical instrument you find your solace in.

3.  The Cultural


                                                              “Radhe – Krishna” by #TumbhiArtist – Pradip Sarkar

The history maniacs or the heritage lovers should go straight in picking Art prints of the likes of Raja Ravi Verma or Folk Paintings like Tanjores, Madhubani, Warli etc. For sculptures there are folk art styles like Okra. You want some vintage value right there in your space and investing in traditional art forms could only be the best idea.

4.  The Funky

                                  “Weapon of Peace” & “The Royal Car” by #TumbhiMallArtist – Deelip Khomane

Pop Art Posters, Abstract paintings and Framed Candid Photographs framed are your answer. You would definitely like a lot of colors to be around and to add that extra edge, try some monochrome frames to highlight your as colorful personality.

5.  The Divine

“Flute Players” by #TumbhiMallArtist – Pradip Sarkar & “Lord Ganesha” by #TumbhiMallArtist – Vinay Sane

Mythological paintings, both abstract and folk would be something that you might want to be see every day on your walls. Sculptures are another great way of reflecting this bit of your personality as they fill your corners with all the divine energy.

6.  The Contemporary

                    Paintings by #TumbhiMallArtist – Arup Lodh & Sculpture by #TumbhiMallArtist – Jitendra Sutar

Monochromes and minimalistic artworks will delight you and your classy taste.  Posters, Art Prints, Still life paintings, cityscape sketches , digital art, glass and metal sculptures is what you might want to look at to make your home feel more home!

7.   The Earthy Soul

                                                Photo prints available for sale on

Nature Paintings and Photographs are your treasure. Also clay sculptures and pottery or ceramic items can fill your home as well as your green soul.  Plants in hand painted vases /pots could also be your way to paint your world in art and green.

8.   The Traveler

“3rd Floor” & “A Sunny Afternoon in Kolkata” by #TumbhiMallArtist – Arup Lodh

There is nothing like a traveler’s collection. Picking up small art like tiles, postcards, miniatures or small souvenirs can adorn not just your walls well but will also give an instant insight of your travelling soul. Quotation posters or handmade maps could also be your way of voicing your nomadic spirit. To top it, you have your memories attached to them off course. Cityscapes of the cities you have visited is also a wonderful idea to keep those memories alive.

9.  The Beauty Admirer


                                                       “Classic Collection” by #TumbhiMallArtist – Ipshita Shetty

Since you see beauty in almost everything it might get a little difficult for you to choose. However a mix of Portrait & Figurative Paintings and photographs should be able to put your vision to wall. You should also consider wood and fiber sculptures that suit your humor and ideas.

10. The Family Guy


                                                              “Lovers” by #TumbhiMallArtist – Shankar Ghosh

Apart from your walls covered in the pictures of your family you might also want to reflect the interest of the family in your home. Artifacts and collectibles, handwoven upholstery, decorative tableware are also a means of reflecting your artistic taste in your home.

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