Have you tried these Painting Techniques?

As we say painting, a glimpse of canvas, paints and brushes come to our mind. But here are few techniques that most of us are unaware of. Adding to the commonly used painting techniques, following are the few techniques we would like to share with everyone. Everyone can try out these amazing techniques.

1. Spray Painting: It requires only spray colors paints. There is absolutely no use of paint brushes and paints. Spray painting can be done anywhere- canvas, objects or walls. Use of shaped objects and a cloth is necessary for neat and fine painting.


2. One Stroke Painting: A beautiful art/ technique wherein the paint brush is loaded with two colors at each end which will give a shaded and highlighted effect to the painting in one stroke.


3. Pour/ Drip Painting: It is a technique wherein no painting tools are used. The paint is simply poured and dripped on and object or canvas. It results in a piece of art in which the colors are blended with each other which gives a unique expression.


4. Splatter Painting: Very easy to do, fun and messy technique. . It is more a kind of an abstract expression where the paint is just splattered on the canvas or it could be done on walls as well. A brush or a mug is loaded with paints and splashed or splattered on the walls or canvas.


5. Silhouette: It is a representation of a person, animal, object or a scene that is black filled. A piece of paper is given shape of the subject, painted black and stuck on the canvas, also you can simply paint the object black in the end. The background is then given multiple colours as per required and then the black cutting is slowly removed.


Where these techniques are definitely a worth try over traditional forms of art, you can also send us few of them if you have tried. Also check out our Fine Arts Contest “Nature on Canvas”

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