Capturing Colors in Photography – #MustRead Article

Tumbhi recently launched a photography contest with the theme “Color in Focus“. Apart from the amazing entries which we are receiving for the contest, we also received some questions where the photographers asked us to share with them some tips which can help them capture the best possible pictures. So we thought of putting on our research hat and have curated some really awesome articles to help you beautifully capture colors in your camera.

Enjoy the read!
#1: 10 Tips for Shooting Autumn Foliage

This useful article on Nikon USA website describes how location, light, exposure, support, elevation, water, lenses, fog and mist and Subtleties matter in taking the most gorgeous photographs.

#2: 5 Tips for capturing color

This article shares some basic color tips for capturing the essence of a place, even those with softer and more mundane hues. With very apt examples of pictures from Bermuda – Pink Sand Beaches, Limestone Caves, pastel buildings and sunset, the author shares some very useful tips.

#3: Photography tips: capturing colour on camera

In this article, the writer Steve Davey, sums up the key rules of capturing color with your camera. Steve shares some handy, practical tips as well as describes the 3 key rules of shooting better snapshots.

#4: Get Vibrant Color in Camera

How many times have you tried capturing the beautiful sunrise or sunsets in your camera and have been disappointed by your results? This is a common problem, but one that is easy enough to put right. In this article, the writer shares three ways to make sure your pictures pack a colorful punch the next time you attempt to shoot the sun – morning, noon or dusk!

#5: Tips for Capturing a Vibrant Holi Powder Session

Bright, vibrant, beautifully colored photography sessions are beautiful to see. In this article, the photographer writer shares her tips for a successful Holi powder portrait session.

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