Ways to Make Money as a Photographer

As photography technology is progressing, it is becoming easier to take pictures, process those and sell photos Online. Many opportunities are being created for photographers which can help them in making money while following their passion of photography. And it does not hurt if your passion earns you your bread and butter – right?

So here we share some ways using which photographers can earn money.

Wedding/ portrait/ family photography

Wedding photography pays really well. So does portrait and family photography. All you need to do is setup your own website, upload your portfolio and network with people. Offer some free pictures or tag along with a well-known photographer – there is no dearth of opportunities here.

License through Stock sites like Getty Images

The requirement for stock images or online photo has gone really high. Advertisers, website designers, marketers, digital media professionals – everybody is in need of good quality images and stock sites are the places where images are searched. Submit your photos on stock sites and once approved and uploaded on those sites, you get paid every time someone uses your picture or you can also sell photos Online. As you become more popular there, your revenue share keeps increasing.

Freelance for local magazines and publications

Check out for freelance opportunities with local publications and magazines – such magazines typically need photography help in capturing latest happenings in the city, covering a particular event or concert or for capturing festive spirit in a particular city. You can offer your service and earn some quick bucks.

T-Shrits/ Mugs

People are more and more looking for some customized or personalized T-Shirts and Mugs. Many websites offer printing and delivery of such customized products. You can tie up with such websites and offer your photographers for listing on those websites. As for the revenue models – you can work out a one-time deal or get paid per photograph you submit or even take it further where you will be paid for each photograph used by the customer on T-Shirt or a Mug.

Photography courses and blogs

If you have the knowledge, share it through courses, tours and blogs. With the advent of technology, almost everybody owns a decent camera and buying a good quality camera has also become easier. But owning a camera does not make one a good photographer. There are lot of techniques involved which one needs to learn. If you have mastered some techniques, package the knowledge in the form of some nice, short courses and let people attend your classes for a fee. You can also take a group on a photography tour and teach them on the field itself. Writing blogs and earning some ad revenue on your blogs is also an easy option. Make sure that you keep your blog constantly updated with regular articles.

Sell local photographs to travel magazines or composing photo guides for tourists

Travel magazines are always in need to some good quality pictures of famous places, monuments and structures. You can take a trip to famous places and click some really good pictures and sell those pictures to travel magazines. Going one step ahead, you can also create your own photo guide with good pictures, nice complete information, history and sell it to the tourists. If you make the photo guide in a unique shape and include some exclusive clicks in it, there will not be any dearth of buyers.


There are thousands of photography contests happening all the time. You can participate in such contests – especially because the participation is easy when the contest is online. All you need to do is upload your pictures right from your own home. Many of these contests are free to participate. The prizes of such contests often include cash prizes or some nice photography gears. Make sure that you read the participation guidelines properly and ensure that you retain the copyright of your photographs – once confirmed, you are all set!

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