Tips for Writing Travelogue

Travelogue, like any other piece of writing, is an art. A good travelogue is a good piece of writing which is enjoyed by the readers as well as offers valuable guidance.
Tumbhi offers some practical tips for writing a good travelogue.

#1 : Define the Objective:
You need to spend a good amount of quality time in writing a good article. As a first step, define the objective of your blog. Do you want to educate the readers, just narrate your experience or present your research – the objective needs to be very clear and the whole writing needs to follow that objective.

#2: Make it Special
Nobody is interested in reading the well known facts about any place. You can make your travelogue worth reading by including some special things like unknown facts about the place, some different spellings or pronunciation of names. Include some exclusive research about the place. Give some information about cultural background or history. If you have got a chance to visit some nice restaurant and try a special dish, do mention about it – what you liked, what you did not like. And of course include the pictures of all such experiences. People love reading personalized experiences.

#3: Glimpse of Region:
If you can, include interviews of the local people, include their pictures. That will add some special flavor to your blog travelogue.

#4: Include Pictures:

A picture is worth thousand words and true to this saying, a good travelogue is absolutely incomplete without the pictures of the travel destination. There is no way the readers will get the feel of the place unless you include pictures. If possible, include video clips.


#5: Give it  a tone and story:
Don’t write your travelogue like a research paper. Make it personalized. Add a story to it. Add some tone to it. Don’t start with the basic facts. Start with something which will interest the reader. Give your personal recommendations, do’s and don’ts. That will add YOUR flavor to it.

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