Journey of a Cinema Ticket

A cinema ticket has meant a lot to a lot of people – be it the passion for cinema, a casual entertainment evening, fun of bunking the college/school or a serious love date- a movie ticket has made a lot of things happen in the lives of mango people! It’s not just a reservation of a seat in the movie flick but it entails corner seats, popcorns spilled, laughter and tears, and whistles and comments!

A cinema ticket has also travelled a long way to earn whatever it is worth of today!

Seventies was the era of most romantic and action flicks in Bollywood with the kinds of Bobby and Deewar. From a nostalgic lane we collect the figure- in 1976 a cinema ticket for a balcony seat in a theatre used to cost Rs 3.50! This further only amplified to Rs 5, 7 and so on! Early 90’s witnessed a pricing of Rs. 25 to 35 and in 1998, this price was Rs 50 in the city like Mumbai!

Then with the advent of multiplexes in 90’s the cinema watching scenario changed drastically and so did the worth of the cinema ticket. Starting minimum from 100 bucks, the tickets were priced anything between Rs 50 (morning shows) to Rs 150. Today the prices are anywhere between Rs. 180 to 900 of noon and evening shows in general.

Maximum average prices at the metro cities of India range today like Rs 600 in Mumbai, Rs 900 in NCR (National Capital Region), Rs 120 in Chennai and Rs. 350 in Kolkata. Whereas; smaller cities range as Rs 180 in Lucknow, Rs 300 in Chandigarh, Pune; Rs. 160 in Goa and so on. In fact, the most famous movie theater of India –Raj Mandir theatre of Jaipur keeps its ticket pricing between Rs 70 to Rs 250 in today’s date!

But the pricing isn’t all about a cinema ticket! It has much more dimensions and emotions entangled in the loop. There were queues once, when people used to spend hours standing and waiting to buy the ticket at the ticket counter- now we just log in to the movie booking site on computers or even phones and the tickets are booked!! The balconies and stalls have been bartered for chairs and plush recliners, fans are totally swapped off for air conditioners and the peanuts have happily given way to butter popcorns! Even the company for cinema watching has gradually drifted from ‘with family’ to now ‘with friends or spouses’ because of the swift transformation in the content of the films.

The transformation from then to now has been a great deal for a Cinema ticket. We all have our own instances of hearing from our friends, parents and grandparents how they once used to run away from their schools and watch a movie from their pocket money or how the entire town used to go crazy on release of the latest Amitabh Bachchan flick!

The craze and passion of cinema watching has stood much above the art of cinema making. If tried, the cinema actors , directors, writers, musicians can be counted but the huge population watching them, admiring them , drawing inspirations and changing their own lives because of them are innumerable.

Let’s hope that the mighty cinema ticket continues to give us more and more memories to add to our lives of love and passion and we continue to be as crazy as possible for Indian cinema as we were 100 years back!

Happy 100 Years of A Cinema Ticket!!!

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