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Someone has very rightly said – “Poetry is everywhere, it just needs a little editing”. Still, our lovely poets won’t mind a little help from Tumbhi 🙂

Tumbhi boasts a very strong community of writers and poets. Thousands of poets around the world have submitted their poems and writings on Tumbhi (at

On the occasion of World Poetry Day (March 21), we thought of gifting our poets with something useful – a complied list of valuable resources for poets and writers.

#1: Glossary of Poetic Terms:

Looking for precise meaning of specific poetry terms like Acrostic, Antispast, Ballad, Denotation, Macron or Mesostic? Find those here:

#2: Poetry Publishers in India:

If you have been writing poetry since quite some time and now feel ready to get it published, here is a list of publishers from India who

#3: Top 50 Poetry Blogs

It often helps to read good compilations from some excellent poets – for observing, learning or for taking inspiration. Here is a list of top 50 poetry blogs based on their online ranking

#4: English Urdu Dictionary and Lessons

How many times you struggle to find the apt word to describe the true feelings in your poetry? Here comes a handy resource – English Urdu dictionary – to help you find the exact words.

#5: Literacy Agents

Want some help in representing your work in front of publishers? Literacy Agents can help you. Here is a huge list of Literacy Agents and Agencies with details about what kind of books they are interested in representing. Also offers details about the best way to contact them.

#6: Creative Writing Prompts for Poetry

Need that one clue to get your creativity flowing? Here comes a long list of creative writing prompts for you.

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