Warning: Before you enter an online contest

So last night you were up, watching the big beautiful moon right through your window which inspired you to suddenly light up your bedside lamp and compose that wonderful poetry-masterpiece of yours!

And now you sit gazing at your computer screen for various online contests that come by your acquaintance every now and then just like those marvelous-at-marketing people appear in a local bus! And its only this time that you will entertain them because you got something which you think can go in there and who knows might win you a mightier prize as well!

The idea is not bad but needs a little carefulness. Putting up your creation on-line on a portal in the name of a contest is much more than Participation. An artist is said to be possessive about whatever he creates and therefore it is his duty to ensure that his artwork lies safe there: On-line!

Putting up together certain necessary points which a participant should look up for before Uploading his/her artwork:

1. Protecting your artwork: Your artwork is your child and nobody is going to be bothered about it getting kidnapped! Make sure the portal has clearly mentioned its copyright terms & conditions and you understand and agree to them. The portal should ideally let the copyrights reserved with you taking liberty of usage of your artwork with your due permission or within defined criteria.

2. : Experts Advice & Review: A few of the portals are associated with the veterans of the industry as their jury members. Such contests for sure portray some credibility. If you can at least get your poetry read or your photograph seen by somebody big from the field, it worth a try!

3. Peer Comments: You can also look up for portals that offer you the facility where others can come and see your artwork and are able to post their opinion about it . This helps in building up a generic point of view about the artwork’s overall appeal. And needless to mention, you get a clearer and of course a better picture of your artwork as per the junta view.

4. Exposure: This point is of a great importance as a portal hosting an online contest is bound to give you a huge exposure if not a promising gift hamper! An artist should always have a look on the fan-base of the portal, join in its social media circles and keep a track of its usual activities . The comments given by other fans are worth a read since you get to know the brand/portal in and out.

So you see, there is nothing bad in winning something really worth just by wandering your mouse a little. Be safe and Creatively-happy!! Save Paper!

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