5 Tips for Artists to Use Twitter

Amitabh Bachhan is on it. Priyanka Chopra is there. Even A R Rahman is on Twitter. Reason? Quick and easy connection with fans and followers. Being in touch with them. Making the fans part of their life!

Here we share 5 ways artists can use Twitter for self branding, for getting noticed and for getting steady fan following:

#1 Get Twitter Handle and Setup Keyword Rich Bio:
The first and foremost step is to get yourself a Twitter Handle. We recommend choosing a handle which has your name in it. Which depicts your personality. Something like “TheOneStar” is not useful as your Twitter handle 🙂 The next step is to write a powerful bio of yourself. Mention keywords which showcase your skills, talent, passion and personality. Keywords in bio are used by Twitter in search so ensure that you make it keyword rich. This will help you in ‘being found’ on Twitter.

#2 Connect with Influential People:

Once the profile is created, the next step for you is to connect with people. As a starting point, connect with highly influential people from your industry. Follow what they are tweeting about and what is being talked about. This will help you in being updated about latest happenings and also draw some inspiration and motivation 🙂

The best way to search for such users is to use the Search feature of Twitter. Simply log in to Twitter and go to http://search.twitter.com. Type in the keywords based on interest or the name and you can find relevant people as well as tweets. Another option is to look out in Twitter directories like Twellow. Such directories allow you to search people based on categories, # of followers/ following, interests etc. Very useful if used effectively.

#3 Tweet Something Interesting:

Make your tweets interesting, useful and educational if possible. Self promotion is strict NO. Think outside the ‘self boundary’ and tweet about something which others will look forward to.

#4 Retweet and Connect:

Social media is all about sharing and connecting. If you find something worth sharing, retweet it. Make sure you respond to @messages sent to you. Be part of the community. Join in interesting conversations, respond to people and to interesting tweets.

#5 Maintain Consistency:

Twitter is not something where you can be active for couple of days a week and expect to build a steady fan following. It demands time and attention. You need to give some dedicated time for connecting with people every day. Thanks for smartphones, you can do the same while on move or even when you are away from your computer.

Following these 5 tips could certainly help you get started with Twitter and build a fan following there. Remember, social media is about connecting, sharing, helping and learning from each other. Make the most of the platform!

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