Somewhere Sometime- Short Story Writing Contest

We all go through so many incidents in our lives and thus have so many things to remember, recall, record and share with our near and dear ones. Meeting somebody new, facing a challenge, realizing a dream, achieving something big, doing so many things for the first time in life…we all are filled up with a lot of stories within ourselves! And if in case we are not filled up, then this writer sitting in us imagines, dreams, ideates so many new different fictional stories.

Stories become a way to explore a person and if you want to explore the real person in you, pick a paper, grab a pen and write down a Short Story for this contest called “Sometime Somewhere”.

Ensure that the story has a Twist and send it to us to win nothing else but an absolutely adorable Kindle 3G!

Last date of submission : 29th Feb 2012

Check out the details at

Category: Tumbhi Contests
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