Tumbhi: Bridge Between the Artists and Stage

Yatri, a well known theatre group is celebrating its 33rd anniversary this year. Yatri was founded by Om Katare in a phase when it was a real down-time for Hindi theatre in India. The initial years were a struggle with no funds or sponsors, but Yatri went on from directing its first play in 1979 and taking the group miles ahead before Hindi theatre could lose its meaning. Later, Yatri was lucky to get support from Late Jennifer Kapoor and that’s what brings them to perform at Prithvi Theatre , Mumbai.

Om Katare, the founder of Yatri, was in search of two artists to perform Live at Prithvi Theatre during Yatri festival. Based on the requirements, Tumbhi handpicked few from the ones registered on tumbhi.com. Out of that, two artists namely Bharat Tiwari (the poet) and Niraj Kumar Singh (the musician), grabbed the attention of Om Katare and now they are performing on January 26th and 27th at Prithvi!

Niraj Kumar Singh
Hailing from a small town in Bihar, Niraj is an example of where passion for something you really believe in, can take you. After doing his schooling from Bihar, Niraj moved to the city of finest education, Banaras. While pursuing his graduation, he got in contact with Pt. Pashupatinath Mishra who gladly accepted him as his shagird. He then started taking formal lessons in music and singing. He is an eminent singer and has been performing live through stage shows etc – especially in Northern India. However, Niraj wanted to expand his horizons and wanted to get in front of more diverse audience and he was convinced that Internet is the way for him if he wants to achieve that. That’s when he got himself on Tumbhi.com. Through Tumbhi, he got opportunity to be part of the virtual world of arts at a much broader level. Niraj says “This was not possible without Tumbhi” while thanking Tumbhi for discovering him from remote place in India and recognizing his talent.

Bharat Tiwari
An ardent art lover, interior designer by profession , and presently based in New Delhi, Bharat tiwari kept up with his passion of writing majorly poems in hindi and roman urdu by posting on Facebook and blogging for 4 long years, Being a tech savvy, he came across Tumbhi and registered himself. Tumbhi identified his passion in the world of his obsession i.e. writing and chose him to showcase his talent in front of 2000 audiences live! “Shukriya Tumbhi” is all he got to say while preparing for this grand art-festival of Yatri group.

Tumbhi.com, has became more than a platform for its members – “A hope for a future”, “a Godfather for new artists” – if put in an aspirant’s real words. Tumbhi looks forward to many such names with fame ahead!

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