Lauryn, Girl you better watch out…


She is at it again. I don’t know if this is a PR stunt or just the worst form of CP time ever. Lauryn Hill shows up over 3 hours late, to another concert. This time the fans left.

The Atlanta fans didn’t just walk silently out of the concert, they stomped and stormed out in packs. They were infuriated and I think this may be the norm for Ms. Hill latest string of events. The show was scheduled to start at 9 pm. But L-Boogie, the former Fugee La-er, hit the stage well after midnight.

I hear the fans were so confused of why Hill told her band to speed up the music on some of her classic hits. I know some former band members and singers of hers, and I hear the songs go beyond recognition when she tries to sing them at speeds unknown to man. LOL

I know this industry will drain you, it will also make you work hard even when you want to just chill. My business, not personal question I would love to ask L, is why? Like, you have the world wanting your heart and the passion you gave us on the Mis-education. So was you really trying to tell us something then, that we are afraid to see now. That you really have lost your heart for the music? If so, I know some very hungry and aspiring singers who would love to take your once untouchable place. In my MOpinion.

So I ask, is Lauryn finito? Or she just playing with the people’s emotions?

Photo courtesy: Brian Killian/Getty Images

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