Nicole Murphy gets engaged…Guess who proposed

Well, guess she can put a hold on the messy and concentrate on picking out her off white. I don’t think she will still be dealing with the shadow of regret for splurging all of her divorce money for long. Seems that Nicole former Mrs. Murphy, finna get her last name changed again. Guess who’s putting a ring on it? Michael Strahan her longtime football player boyfriend has proposed. I reckon he isn’t trippin’ off how she BMF. She allegedly drained her $15 million dollar settlement from Eddie, and had IRS woes out the hooty to deal with as well. Life goes on. Don’t it.

An official “4ever” date hasn’t been set yet. But I hear the left 4th finger ring is gorge. I ain’t mad heyyyyy.

I just hope they have a business plan. I hear they both don’t live by the budget, which is a uber no-no in this economy.

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 02: Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan attend Ken Dillon’s Birthday Bash at H Wood Lounge on June 2, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images) Original Filename: 88186177.jpg


Either way, I wish MICole (Michael and Nicole) the best. Maybe a reality show, nevermind. In my MOpinion.

S/O to Getty Images for the amazing photos of both, however the photo of Micole (michael and nicole) is by: Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

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