The Game will be out of $50,000…Why?


Well, looks like Rapper/Father The Game’s pocket will be thousands thinner.

He was ordered to pay his cousin $50 grand for damages resulting from an assault that occurred during his sister’s funeral in 2008.

Jayceon Taylor (aka The Game), allegedly disagreed with his share of the costs for his sister Shannon Johnson funeral, a verbal lashing ensued between he and his cousin Robert ‘Kirky’ Kirkwood and others that turned into an all out brawl at the fune home. Messy. The aftermath of it all, left The Game arrested and charged with assault and battery.

In court docs, Kirky claims he suffered “severe and permanent injuries”. Ummmm Hmmmm.

The shade is, it probably cost more to pay his cousin than his share of the fune. I hope he learned from this, in my MOpinion.

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