Marques Houston’s Big win in court

I wake up to some of the strangest things at times. It can be my son tapping me “Mommy get up, I want breftist” (translation: breakfast for a 1-year-old). Or my daughters saying “Mommy so are we famous like you”. Or, an anonymous email with the official documents from a Van Nuys California court in reference to Marques Houston granted a restraining order. This is very messy.

Ever since the accusations of child molestation by a former manager, to claims of who was allegedly on the DL in the industry to Twitter rants and public apologies Raz B has met his match. Though they were once close friends, now Raz isn’t allowed at least 100 feet around Marques Houstons’ perimeter. It doesn’t stop there. I’ve broken the first page up for viewing clarity, the other 3 pages I didn’t feel compelled to post, Damario “Raz B” Thornton, is not allowed to talk about, tweet, text, or mention Marques Houston nor his girlfriends’ name, for at least the next two years.

Although this seems like a victory, it’s just a milestone on the dozens of other claims Raz B is making toward other ex-B2K members and Chris Stokes. We shall see how this all pans out.

For now, as per the judge, I would like to see that Raz seeks medical attention in reference to his mental incompetence. This is beginning to look very sad and desperate. In my MOpinon.

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