SAY IT AIN’T SO! Is Lil Wayne a racist?

Well, I’m not sure if you heard the many rumors surrounding the controversial words spewed from Lil’ Wayne’s mouth. Well word is, some anonymous females were chillin’ in the hotel with he and his YM/CM crew. Allegedly a piece of his lyrics may become the beginning of his demise. So some of the lyrics snatched from Wayne’s “Right Above It” go ” “Beautiful Black Woman I bet that b*tch look better red.” I personally didn’t take any offense to it, considering Wayne has allegiance with the Blood gang, whose colors are RED. But of course since the recent twist of events following his prison release, he has been in a whirlwind of media scrutiny.

The victim alleges that Wayne made a comment about their complexion. When one of the woman reminded Wayne that his daughter is dark-skinned, his alleged reply was, ““my daughter is a dark skin millionaire that’s the difference between her and u”. WOW.

So here is the question I want to ask, has he lost the respect of the black female and some male in our community as a whole? Or has he just been misquoted in a sensitive world that would love to use color as an issue and it’s not that serious. I personally don’t care what a lot of these celebs say, there are certain things that should not even be discussed. I learned that in media coaching 10 years ago. DUHHH! Me being a mom I feel compelled to say to all who have a skin color issue against any color women, pleas keep your misogynistic, racist thoughts to yourself and ask God to deal with that mess in ya heart. In my MOpinion.

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