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Useful Resources for Nature and Wildlife Photographers

Nature and Wildlife Photography

As we announced the Expressions Photography Contest – Nature and Wildlife Special, we have received many emails asking for some guidance and tips and tricks for clicking the best photos. We know that photographers want to give their best shot for the contest :-) -

So here we have compiled a small list of best websites and blogs of famous Wildlife and Nature photographers.

Read on and get some ideas, tips, knowledge and inspiration!

Famous Wildlife Photographers and their Websites

Frans Lanting (http://www.lanting.com)
Jim Brandenburg (http://www.jimbrandenburg.com/)
Michael “Nick” Nichols (http://www.michaelnicknichols.com)
Joel Sartore (http://www.joelsartore.com/)
Andy Biggs (http://www.andybiggs.com/)
Art Wolfe (http://www.artwolfe.com/)
Steve Bloom (http://www.stevebloom.com/)
David Doubilet (http://www.daviddoubilet.com/)
Anup Shah (http://www.shahrogersphotography.com)
Daniel J. Cox (http://www.naturalexposures.com/)

Famous Wildlife and Nature Blogs

Andy Rouse’s Blog(http://www.andyrouse.co.uk/index.php?link=blog)
Craig Jones Wildlife Photography blog (http://www.craigjoneswildlifephotography.co.uk/blog/)
Martin Bailey  Photography K. K. (http://blog.martinbaileyphotography.com)
Richard Peter’s Photography Blog (http://www.richardpeters.co.uk/blog/)
Ethan Meleg Outdoor Photography Blog  http://ethanmeleg.blogspot.in/)
Mark Graf Photography Blog (http://www.grafphoto.com/wordpress/)
Quantum Tiger Wildlife Photography (http://quantumtiger.blogspot.in/)
Nature Magnified (http://www.naturemagnified.com/)
Zark Images Nature Photography (http://ozarkimages.squarespace.com)
Photography By Jim M. Goldstein (http://www.jmg-galleries.com/blog/)

Hope this list was useful for you.

If you have any more names to add to this list, post those as comments.

Happy clicking!!

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