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Lil’ Mo

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Oh yeah and Singer. These are a few words that come to mind when asked to explain Lil’ Mo. The power of this self-appointed Godmother of Hip-Hop and R&B will take you by surprise. Lil' MoAt first glance, her down to earth style, unassuming manner and petite 4-foot-11 inch frame gives the impression that she’s just along for the ride. But after spending a little time with her, the truth becomes unmistakably clear, Lil Mo is not a passenger—she lives life in the driver’s seat! Having grown up in a fairly idyllic and stable home, she’s no stranger to being misjudged. While many artists spin tales of the hard-knock childhood, her family was often ridiculed for being the “fake Cosbys”. “I was a church girl. People didn’t respect me because I didn’t have a lot of street knowledge.” But this natural smooth talker quickly learned to use her New York upbringing to garner respect as she moved around the country with her military family.

Born Cynthia Loving, Lil Mo began to emerge in 1988, when her father was deployed in Korea for a year. For the first time, her family was left to fend for itself in the rough neighborhoods of Atlanta. “I rebelled during that time. I started listening to what my parents called “worldly” music. I would lock myself up in my closet and rap others’ songs, changing the lyrics to make them my own. That’s when I knew that (music) is what I wanted to do.” Her dreams of stardom lead her back to New York City after high school graduation. She gained popularity as she frequented open mic contests at local clubs such as the famed Nell’s. Lil Mo’s lucky break came when the group Gangstarr needed a lead singer for their Jazzmatazz world tour.

A talented songwriter, she secured a production deal with Flavahood Entertainment, under the umbrella of Elektra Records. Before the ink on the deal could even dry, Missy Elliott selected one of Lil Mo’s tracks for her album, Da Real World. Before long her list of writing and appearance credits read like a “Who’s Who of Hip-Hop and R&B”. She has worked with heavy hitters such as Keith Sweat, Black Street and Lil Bow Wow. Most notable are her collaborations with Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Fabolous and Ja Rule. In 2001, Lil Mo released her debut album, Based On A True Story, on Elektra Records, which featured the hit single, Superwoman (Part II). Her sophomore album Meet the Girl Next Door was released in 2003 and yielded the smash collaboration 4Ever which again featured longtime friend, rapper Fabolous.

In 2007, Lil Mo’s first venture was her album, slated for release on August 28th, Pain and Paper. Pain and Paper is a no-holds-barred lyrical journey into the soul of the experiences that have transformed her into a woman. Believing that openly sharing her personal pains and struggles can inspire others; she dares to put the good, the bad and the ugly on the table.

She’s back and in the driver’s seat, doing what she does best—giving us her heart while filling our lives with unforgettable music! This 6th studio album will be her 4th commercial and co-executively produced release entitled Tattoos and Roses (The Rebellion Against Pain). But she states she may change it to XoXo. Whatever the case, this album promises this album to be her best work yet…the real best of both worlds…studio and live.

This go round, The Lil Mo Show, as she is currently being recognized, assures her fans that she has always been humble and down to earth and NOW you will see. When asked if she is ready to return to the industry after the birth of her 3rd child, a new husband, mentor and music director and executive producer of the new venture Mr. Phillip Bryant, along with all that comes with what she has to bring to the table, she coyly replies: “I was born ready, I just gave birth to a 9lb baby. I’ve officially arrived. So is the industry really ready for me is the question”.

Her street savvy, yet book smart with a hint of church swag, helped to regain her new success in the radio world. After a 7 year hiatus, she took it back to the old school method of resurfacing by honing her craft on her own radio show. All we can say is, SHE’S BAAAACCCKKK! Her daily work routine consists of full-time afternoon drive personality on DC’s official number 1 for Hip Hop and R&B station, WPGC-FM. The Lil Mo Show airs 2 – 6 pm Monday through Friday. Since her return, she has had some of her elite, industry friends join on her on the show, which is the highlight, considering she has personal interaction with them. In light of her new venture, when asked about her detour to take on other sides of the industry, inquiring minds ask, will that hinder her singing career? She adds…radio, not only introduced her to the corporate side of the business but gained her insight and wisdom. In a manner only she can give, Lil Mo responds “I am Music, I am Hip Hop and R&B. I’m not just a singer…I am a SUPERWOMAN.”

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