#PhotoSecrets unveiled: An exclusive Twinterview with Vincent Versace

[UPDATE on Aug 22, 2013]: Vincent Versace was recently announced as Nikon Ambassador for the USA. Tumbhi is proud to be associated with Mr. Vincent.

Tumbhi gets candid with the ace photographer Vincent Versace in a ‘live’ interview on Twitter revealing many secrets of Photography. Read all about it here!

About Vincent Versace

Vincent is an internationally recognized pioneer in the art and science of digital photography. Known for his “Natural light photography”, Vincent is an eminent award winning photographer of global fame, author of several photography books and a sought after trainer.

What was the Twinterview about?

Vincent is the jury for Tumbhi’s Nature & Wildlife Photography contest running right now and is also to hold a Photography workshop in India very soon in association with Tumbhi.  This Twinterview was an attempt to let everybody know him a little closer and better.

Sharing Vincent’s secrets of photography, this was a chance for all the photographers to learn some great Photography tips with the use of technology. Apart from Tumbhi, some other users too asked amazing questions and received equally amazing answers !

Snapshot of the #PhotoSecrets exchanged as tweets

#1 [Tumbhi] Which camera do you always carry?

[Vincent] Besides a cell phone, I generally have a Nikon V1 with the 30-110 with me when I am not working with my Nikon DSLRs.

#2 [Tumbhi] If you could carry only one lens outdoor (Nature/Landscape), which one would it be? And why?

[Vincent] That’s tough, I use lenses like brushes. I don’t use prime lenses, they are too limiting. 24-120 Nano coated Nikon lens. I use Zooms because they offer me greater compositional control.

#3 [Tumbhi] You use infrared modification to camera in B&W pictures. In what situations you recommend using the same?

[Vincent] I believe, to do IR correctly in digital, you have to use a modified camera. I prefer enhanced color or Super color conversion.

#4 [Tumbhi] Under what circumstances should one prefer B&W instead of a colour picture?

[Vincent] I don’t believe that that is my choice, the image makes that choice. You have to have a great color image to make a great BW image.

#5 [Tumbhi] Why is it necessary to use Photoshop for editing when you can do everything in @Lightroom?

[Vincent] You can’t do everything in LR. I don’t use LR. NX2 and PhaseOne as my raw processor all of my image editing done in PS

#6 [Tumbhi] )  In your book Oz to Kansas you have described 3 techniques for converting to B&W. Which is your favorite?

[Vincent] The last two chapters are what I primarily use informed by the concepts behind film & filter technique.

#7 [Tumbhi] Your book is aimed at top end professionals. Is there anything coming up for aspiring young photographers?

[Vincent] My book was aimed for people who aspire to be better at their craft so I think I did that. Is it easy.. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

#8 [Tumbhi] Do you think it is ethical to combine multiple photos to create a landscape?

[Vincent] Ethics have nothing to do with it. It’s physics. You want more than one thing in focus you have to have more than one image.

#9 [Tumbhi] How are your photos so tack sharp – every time?

[Vincent] Because I follow the laws of physics.

#10  [Tumbhi] In your opinion, does sharpness matter so much? Can one make a good picture even when it isn’t sharp?

[Vincent] Bokeh (the quality of blur) is actually the more important consideration images are more about what’s in blur than what’s in focus. All lenses focus that’s what they do but how a lens goes from in focus to blue is more important to consider.

#11 [Tumbhi] For BW photos is SilverEfex Pro + @LightRoom sufficient for post processing or you still need @PhotoShop?

[Vincent] You need photoshop. Processing a BW image in LR is not an option or a consideration for me.

#12  [Tumbhi] In what situations do you take HDR (High Dynamic Ranges)?

[Vincent] I prefer to think in ExDR Extending the dynamic range of everything. So in all situations.

#13  [Tumbhi] How important is the use of Wacom tablets – especially in Portrait Photography or Photos of Flowers?

[Vincent] I cannot create my images without one. I use the Cintiq. I even travel with one. I use the new 13in HD Cintiq.

#14  [Tumbhi] How often should one calibrate screen displays for processing for honest displays?

[Vincent] Once a week for LCD displays.

#15  [Tumbhi] When so much information is available online, what distinct advantage does a photography tour offer?

[Vincent] The opportunity to have the experience of actually hearing the most precise answers to the questions that can only come from being in the moment shared.

Apart from such an enlightening session about Photography, there were a few more questions being asked by other tweeps attending the Twinterview. Here they are-

1)     If you could take only one camera outdoors, do you prefer using a Super Wide?

[Vincent] The widest I ever shoot is 28mm.

2)     Since prime lenses have lesser elements, don’t they create the truest capture on the sensor?

[Vincent] The issue for me is the ability to maintain special relationships. Nano coated lenses are tremendously sharp.

3)     Your reaction on Lightroom 5?

[Vincent] I have. I am a Nikon shooter. NX2/NXview P1 does a better job for me as a raw processor.

4)     How do you see the mirror less cameras evolving?

[Vincent] More and more, I just prefer to look through the lens. It’s prettier than to watch TV which is what mirror less is to me.

5)     Your review of V2 vs Leica dluxe 6?

[Vincent] I have only seen files done. I am trying to get my hands on one to be able to speak intelligently.

With this and on many thank you notes (tweets) this beautiful and insightful #PhotoSecrets session with Vincent Versace came to an end.

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