5 Ways For Models and Actors to Become Famous

Gone are the days when you needed to go from one production house to another or from one talent agency to another to get an opportunity for showcasing your talent. The online world has made it very easy for artists like actors, models, singers, photographers or writers to publicise their talent and attract a steady fan following and even get noticed by production houses.

Here are five ways the new-generation artists can utilize the online resources to the fullest:

#1: Be active on social media:

Social media is the buzz word in today’s world. It is not only for being connected with your friends but you can use the social media platforms very effectively for showcasing your talent. First of all, create an account on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Start a blog and write about your passion there. On Facebook and Twitter, connect with people from your interest group, initiate conversations and engage them. Join various groups and participate in discussions. Upload your videos on YouTube. Social media is absolutely free and yet very effective. All you need to invest is your time and little creativity!

#2: Get Your Portfolio Reviewed

Once you are convinced that you have created the best portfolio for yourself, it is always a good idea to get it reviewed from the experts. There are two advantages of this: a) you can get valuable comments and feedback so that you can improve your portfolio and b) When you get good comments, you can always flaunt those as expert comments on your portfolio :-)

#3: Register yourself on talent websites

There are a lot of talent websites such as www.tumbhi.com which offer excellent opportunities for talented artists. Get yourself registered on such websites, upload your artwork and complete your portfolio.  Such websites usually have good associations with well known people in the art world which can offer you good opportunities if they like your portfolio. By being on such sites, you are opening a whole new world of opportunities for yourself.

#4: Participate in online competitions

Yet another advantage of Internet. You don’t always need talent shows or on-ground competitions to showcase your talent. There are numerous online competitions which allow you to participate online without the need of travel or without disturbing your schedule. Participate in more and more such competitions. You will be always in front of good people through this.

#5: Take online tutorials

It’s always a good idea to hone your skills and the best part is that you don’t always have to attend classes for doing so. YouTube and other such video sites host tons of free tutorials which you can watch anytime and learn from there.

So if you have so far used Internet only for browsing, time to take it more seriously and utlise it for getting yourself some limelight!

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