Can Technology Take Over Art?

Do you think technology can take over art?

Do you also think that editing wins over actual photography light and effect technique now? Or does canvas painting take a back seat when it comes to digital painting or digital art?

We may have a mixed bag of emotions and responses but the fact is that the art has to begin with yourself. It has to be there, in you – the artist within you. No doubt technology may put the fallen pieces together to make the art look more happening and technically sound.

The need is to understand that technology is there only as a support system, a backbone to present our art in a better fashion, but technology itself could not be art- not at all! One may be brilliant at editing photographs but for an awesome editing, the photograph basically needs to be in right frame! Technology is there to enhance the art and not to be declared as an art itself! 

Talk about digital painting – that is one art which is possible only with the required gadgets – so in one way, that could be a technology converted to an art. But just think for a while, does its really start there? In fact, the art was already there in you and now that you are technically equipped, you can make this beautiful digital painting!

We truly believe that possessing certain gadgets and being technically aware of certain tools and apps don’t necessarily make an artist! The art has to come from within and then only the ART can happen for real!

Just be the Artist and the technology will follow!

Have some suggestions/views/opinions on this? Share with us and we will share ‘your’ views with the world!!

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